The Hoffa Wars: The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Hoffa (Forbidden Bookshelf)

THE HOFFA WARS                                 DAN E. MOLDEA

James Riddle “Jimmy” Hoffa was one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in twentieth-century America. His remarkable journey from young union organizer to the all-powerful head of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is an epic tale worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, jam-packed with intrigue, subterfuge, violence, and corruption. His successes were monumental, his fall truly spectacular, and his bizarre disappearance in the summer of 1975 remains one of the great mysteries in American history.

Widely considered to be the definitive volume on the career and crimes of Jimmy Hoffa, The Hoffa Wars, by acclaimed investigative journalist Dan E. Moldea, is an eye-opening, extensively researched account of the steady rise and fall of an ingenious, ambitious man who was instrumental in transforming a small union of seventy-five thousand truckers into the most powerful labor brotherhood in world. Shocking disclosures in Moldea’s no-holds-barred account include the devil’s bargain that put Hoffa and his union in the pockets of the Mob, Hoffa’s role in the joint CIA-Mafia plots to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the deal Hoffa made with US president Richard Nixon that released the disgraced Teamster president from prison eight years early, and the truth behind Hoffa’s eventual disappearance and likely murder. But perhaps the most startling revelation of all concerns the integral part Jimmy Hoffa played, in concert with underworld kingpins Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante, in America’s most terrible twentieth-century crime: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Really this book did not enlighten anything to the person that has been following the mob in different books and other stories you are really not given any new information. For the people that have read anything about the Chicago mob the “Outfit” you already know he used teamsters’ retirement fund to laundry money and also help build casinos in Las Vegas. His biggest problem was not being able to put the money back in and to start playing hardball with the higher ups thinking he was something. Which he was gone forever no trace. The author talks about the association with the Kennedy election and also the assignation which has always been associated with the Chicago mob and New Orleans mob. He also speaks about the Cuban involvement which was also one of the reasons for The Watergate break-in since Nixon was part of the team that came up with the original plan when he was Vice President, also why two Cuban Nationals were arrested during that break-in. There was always talk of a secret bank account in Laguna California that was linked to Nixon and the mob and when it was Robin the 70’s the men who did were not only hunted down by the feds but by the mob. There is a book all about that which was interesting. This book for me was not anything new I have been reading and following stories here in the states and Italy since the early 70s. If you want to get started it would be an okay book. 

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