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Finn Henry was once a rodeo star. That was until life happened. His wife was expecting, his father in law was injured, and the family ranch needed someone at the helm. There seemed no choice but to retire from glory and move back to their hometown to raise their family. When Finn’s wife died suddenly just three years later, it seemed like their twist of fate had given him the twist again: all his dreams were dead. To compensate he’d thrown himself into ranching—losing himself in the grief. 

Callie Winter has landed her dream job moving to the east coast to work for a prestigious private school, but she’s fallen in love out west...with an adorable kindergartener. Wendy Henry has imprinted on Callie and Callie is scared she’s imprinted right back. Callie knows she should head out in June and get settled out east, but then she finds herself offering her services as a summer nanny after one too many parent-teacher conferences gone badly with Finn. Callie’s excuse is to earn the extra money she needs to rent a home in the historical area around the school...but the reality may be that it’s harder to leave the pair than she ever expected. 

Callie’s goal for the summer is to reunite father and daughter so that she can leave and know that the two of them have bonded again. However, as they learn to live together, Callie finds that she’s more involved than ever, as she learns to love the stoic rancher. Suddenly, she’s wondering if maybe her dream isn’t her dream anymore...but is Finn ready to open his heart again? 

This novel contains scenes with sexual content and profanity.


     This begrudging ex-rodeo rider who states his wife got pregnant and that happened all herself, for this I am sure. (hand over mouth laughing) Anyway, when her father gets injured bad enough, he can’t run the ranch Finn and the family move in so he can run it for him.
     I get the impression he never said, “Sure until I can get it in running order with people in place so I can get back on the circuit.”  You know owning his manhood.  I don’t get that, he did that.  Since his father in law seems to hold some powerplay at the ranch.
     Life never sees to work in our heads the same in reality.  Because three years later his wife passes away.  Now here he is single, with a five-year-old daughter, Wendy, and a ranch he never wanted to run.  Enter Wendy’s well-meaning teacher who seems to have Wendy’s best interest at heart, but he doesn’t have enough hours in a day for another meeting with Callie Winter.
     First off, he finds her way too attractive well actually beautiful. Which in turn did cause him more stress and to be somewhat testy.  Today, what Callie had to say is that Wendy is extremely gifted causing her to be bored.  Not unlike herself as a child.  What she feels Wendy needs is to attend a gifted program where she will be around other children with the gift of the same mind.
     A private school.  But it’s an hour away.  She expected the worst when offering the info so she was prepared to say help from a nanny could be the answer.  Finn seemed to be receptive to this.
     Now, she’s a nanny for the summer.  Not quite who she had meant when she mentioned the nanny.  Hey, working for a sexy rancher was no hardship.  Passing the mother-in-law test was a good thing.  She hopes each test would be so easy.  Her job now was not only to care and teach Wendy but as she observed the interaction and the schedule, Finn made her, it’s much more. 
     She needs to find a way for father and daughter who love each other immensely to reengage their lives again as one.  Together by interacting more.  Can she do it without losing her heart and giving up her dream?
     I enjoyed the story and the people around the three main characters who feel a need to bring clarity to Finn and a little to Callie too as to what is truly important.  I just felt the couple never connected, Finn is sexy yes, the daughter I feel never became her dad’s priority his first was getting to Callie.
     I loved Sam, the bronco rider.  He was the one to drive it home finally, as to what is important.  Callie’s mom I just did care for.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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