CLOSING THE DEAL (The Brides of Blossom, Texas #1)

CLOSING THE DEAL                           LENORA WORTH

Can discovering her past create her future?

Sarina Gabriel recently inherited a Victorian money-pit of a mansion. Logic dictates that she sell it, but, still grieving her grandmother’s death, she longs to keep something from her mysterious past. As she explores the house, she discovers some family secrets that just might put the historic mansion on the Hill Country map and give Sarina the roots she’s always wanted. But can she trust Drake Dunmore who promises to help her restore the mansion to its former glory, or will he break her trust and her heart?

Drake Dunmore knows a good deal in houses, and in women. He wants to buy Sarina’s historic mansion and develop the property. Confident, he sets out to charm and persuades the beautiful new owner, Sarina, to sell it to him. Funny thing happens. He falls for Sarina and volunteers to help her restore the mansion and discover her heritage. His father and his ex-girlfriend stand in their way. Can he prove to Sarina that he has her best interests at heart?

This is a story of a grand old lady who wanted her granddaughter to live her dream and find her peace.  Being at her grandma’s wedding cake Victorian shape home never really did.
     You see Sarina was a young girl stay with her grandma when her parents were killed in a car accident.  And now the place that used to be her happy place felt like a prison.
     She tried to be happy for her grandma as she got older. Then, she realized all the visitors were because the home was a B & B really.  Never allowing her to feel settled.  As a teen, she stayed busy to not dwell on how she felt.
     She and her two besties Kayla and Mona that she met in kinder all went off to college together.  She being advertising.  The two girls came back she stayed in the city.
     So, when her grandma passed, she finds out she inherits the B & B and all its debt.  Now what?  Enter, handsome man wearing a tool belt standing in her gazebo.  He just happens to be a real estate developer who wants to buy her property.  She has no clue she thinks he is the handyman she had called is early.  He doesn’t convince her otherwise.  Lie number one.
     Let’s just say Drake after this point figures out, lying is not good for his deal and for some reason he doesn’t want to.  Withholding evading, and skirting the truth is holding strong with what he was taught by his boss, his father.  Something he also very quickly is not good for his well being when the townspeople (all) that love Sarina step in on her behalf when he, tip-toes around the truth.
     This started off slow for me and at first, I wasn’t too sure but once I got past the first couple of chapters it really got interesting.  I love Kayla, Sarina’s friend she is the take no prisoners kind of friend so poor Drake a few times.  Yeah, cute!
     I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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