A chance with her favorite hockey player seems too good to be true for Alexandria, but she’s not about to pass it up. She’s used to pursuing what she wants and getting it, but Eric doesn’t fall at her feet.
Eric’s successful on the ice and off, but every move he makes seems to go wrong with the beautiful and talented ballerina, Alex. He’ll have to brush off embarrassment after he botches their first date. And he’ll have to apologize for messing up their second one. Failure isn’t something he experiences very often.
Each of them is used to being the center of attention, but something has to give for both of their egos to fit in one room.
Fast and sexy with a guaranteed HEA/HFN.

I closed my eyes as she rubbed my back, and the weight of the day drifted off. Exhaustion caught up with me in one fell swoop. Most fans didn’t understand how tired we were after games, especially ones where the ref allowed the other team a lot more liberties than he allowed us. Constantly staying on guard used as much mental energy as we put out in physical energy. But we had a reputation to uphold. Invincible jocks.

Samantha loves watching hockey matches, but she can’t keep her eyes off the dark, sexy guy in the level above her.
Connor’s been watching her too but tries to keep his distance because he lives out of town and doesn’t want her to get messed up in his life. When a rowdy spectator harasses Samantha, Connor takes matters into his own hands. The only problem…instead of getting to talk to Samantha, security guards’ cart him off for questioning.
Samantha has one thing on her mind when she tries to track him down, and she’ll have to break his resolve in order to get it.
Fast and sexy with a guaranteed HEA/HFN!

Chances were, she’d agree to a one-night stand. Sinking my dick into her once wouldn’t be enough. Talking to her had proven dangerous enough. My resolve was caving in. My balls ached, sensing victory for the dark side. One night. My flight didn’t leave until the morning.

Barbra Campbell writes fast and hot contemporary romance/erotic romance as an escape from the regular world. When she was raising her natural born children, exchange students, dogs, cats, birds, horses, chickens, a rabbit, and a cow, she found time to nearly get her Ph.D. in Genetics, help with her husband's construction company, play cello in multiple symphonies, and volunteer for roughly seven hundred organizations.

Life happened. New paths were taken, and she's finally escaped most of the rat race to dream up sexy fantasy worlds where the characters are guaranteed a Happily Ever After, or at least a Happy For Now! And since she's busy, she appreciates stories that get right to the point!

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