Rad-Reader:  I saw that you wrote your book from your blog.  Any reason you chose the year 2012?

Joe:  That's when I started blogging, figured I would start at the beginning.

Rad-Reader:  When you first start writing or posting on your blog.  Did you ever think it would take you to publish a book?

Joe: No! Never! I'm just so appreciative people seem to enjoy the little stories about life.

Rad-Reader:  Did you find your posting/writing helped you as you were writing or as you went back to see what you wrote for the day?

Joe:  I went back and updated the information, making sure I noted the circumstances at the time.

Rad-Reader:  Were your thoughts done in the morning or just whenever you thought to sit down that day to post?

Joe:  I wish I could say I was a disciplined writer, but I'm not. Some were written in the morning, but more in the afternoon or evening after my workday "inspiration."

Rad-Reader:  How did you come up with the catchphrase: Thought to Remember?

Joe:  It just evolved. I wanted to share some positive message with each post, so I started collecting them as I went along. By far, those little add-ons are the most popular part of the book and the blog.

Rad-Reader:  Did you have an idea that you would touch on so many topics when you first wrote your “Thought to Remember”?

Joe:  No. I just wanted to add something positive to each post, even if the post itself wasn't.

Rad-Reader:  The few entries that you had that dealt with music: “Beer with Jesus” – “The Wonder” by Dion – That whole section about Dion was something I did not know.  (Though I did know the song & “The Day the Music Died” – I don’t know what we were to get from that, but I got redemption?

Joe:  I  can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I do appreciate good music. It's part of my life. Good music -- whatever genre -- evokes an emotion. Dion's story was a story of redemption. A lot of country music is also about redemption or at least pointing to redemption. The entire book is really my journey of blessing, grace, and redemption. Music is part of that.

Rad-Reader:  Was it your idea to put the last one in about the expiration dates with food?  Side note:  I thought the same thing.  My wife and daughter keep telling me, NO!

Joe:  I drive my kids crazy. I guess you could say I'm a hoarder so I ended up collecting food -- especially spices -- for recipes, using just a teaspoon or so and just adding the remaining container to my collection. I just don't take life too seriously. As long as it doesn't smell rancid or have little green fuzz growing, I'm good. Maybe it's a guy thing.

Rad-Reader:  What does your family think about your daily writings becoming public?

Joe:  They're generally supportive. Although they may be the focus of a particular story, they know I  would not publicly embarrass them. I love them bunches.

Rad-Reader:  Do you encourage them to do the same in order to get some peace or clarity during difficult times?

Joe:  I do. My oldest daughter actually set up my blog because I was procrastinating. She currently blogs and is in the process of writing her own book. 

Rad-Reader: You have five children, 18 grandchildren, and three great-granddaughters. Do you get to see them much?

Joe: Not nearly enough. I'm actually expecting great-granddaughter #4 in the fall. We try to get together at least once year, although we've missed the past few years. December 2017 was spent with me on the road visiting each of them and their families in New York, Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Massachusetts, with side stops in Indiana, Florida and New Jersey to visit with friends and other relatives. The kids weren't particularly happy with my decision to retire to Maine so I was instructed to Messenger them every day to let them know I was fine. I guess they thought I couldn't take care of myself by myself. We stay connected throughout the day with Messenger so we stay pretty close and try to help each other out through any "calamities" of the day ... even if it's a simple "I love you!"

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?

Joe:  I'm really excited. In March 2018 I published a novella -- Heaven Shining Through -- based on a "community" writing project that ended up being a community of one. It was met well, but often with the comment, "It should have been a novel." So I started writing a novel based on the novella, My Name Is Sam ... and Heaven Is Still Shining Through. It is available at Amazon. The actual release date was June 30 and a Facebook Live book launch was July 2  and archived on my Facebook author page, @wisdomfromafather

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?  Links

Joe:  All three books are available on Amazon is both e-book and paperback versions. Wisdom From a Father is at amazon.com/Wisdom-Father-dads-thoughts-life-ebook/dp/B07KB7JKVM/(e-book) and amazon.com/Wisdom-Father-dads-thoughts-life/dp/1727315316/ (paperback). Heaven Shining Through is at amazon.com/Heaven-Shining-Through-Joe-Siccardi-ebook/dp/B07BRZYRCD/ (e-book) and amazon.com/Heaven-Shining-Through-Joe-Siccardi/dp/1545624569/ (papeback). My Name Is Sam is available at amazon.com/My-Name-Sam-Shining-Through-ebook/dp/B07SRX1HGV/ (e-book) and [paperback link is still pending my acceptance of the proof copy, which is expected June 14. I will forward when available.] I also have them listed on my blog, wisdomfromafather.wordpress.com where I offer signed  copies for buyers.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?  Links

Joe:  My web presence is my blog, wisdomfromafather.wordpress.com  I also have a Facebook presence @wisdomfromafather and a Twitter account, @joesiccardi

Thank you for hanging in there with us... We were having a bad time there and you were so kind to wait for us to read and do this interview.  Thank you for doing that with us. This was just what my husband needed during this time.
Thank you,

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