MAKE ME NEED (Make Me #4)

MAKE ME NEED                                KATEE ROBERT

Trish Livingston desperately needs cash, so when her brother offers her a job while he’s on paternity leave, she snaps it up. She’s even willing to put up with his best friend and business partner, the notoriously grumpy Cameron O’Clery—especially when she finds out he’s very easy on the eyes.

Cameron hates people: especially peppy, happy people like Trish. He avoids her at all costs until a raunchy late-night encounter in an elevator shows him that there’s a fine line between hate and lust. Cameron knows he’s broken the rules—and is resolved to keep his distance from her.

But Trish doesn’t make it easy. A work trip places them in adjoining hotel bedrooms, giving her the chance to put on a sizzling show just for him! When Cameron’s left wanting more, Trish is delighted to give him exactly that… Can either of them walk away from something that feels this good?

Sexy. Passionate. Bold.
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     She was desperate in so many ways.  She couldn’t, not for another day, live with her parents.  For both their sakes.  It had been two years since she graduated and her ability to find a job was disheartening.  She knew her mom was liking it too much having her home plus she had student loans to pay and a bank account with zero dollars. 
     She asks her brother, Aaron for a job, which worked well for them both since his girlfriend just gave birth to the first child.  He helped her get into her apartment since their place would be crowded with the new baby.  So, she was set.  He did warn her about his cranky business partner, but she wasn’t worried.
     Her brother wants her to redecorate the place to make more client-friendly.  As well as be an asset with business meetings in order to keep ‘Mr. Happy’ in line.  Well, on the first day he’s already pissed he calls her accident-prone because she was painting, and she may have fallen off the ladder and he caught her.  He said she didn’t belong.
     Camron is tall, dark, and handsome.  He’s quiet for the most part, in a soothing way and cranky when he’s not.  As time goes on the two do some major bonding in the form of major arguments, quips of one-up-man-ship, and cranky can joke if you listen carefully.  As time goes on, they even talk.  Until Trish kisses him.
     Yup, she can’t explain it.  Luckily after kissing her back.  He takes steps back as her employer letting her know this is going to go nowhere.
     I totally enjoyed this couple.  They took off each other’s masks and got down to the nuts and bolts of who they are.  Sometimes they got gold and sometimes coal.  Their outcome unsure but they were hopeful until they weren’t.
     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by
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