TANGLE (Dogwood Lane #2)

TANGLE                                               ADRIANA LOCKE

That cream-filled, caramel-topped doughnut should have been hers. Still, Haley Raynor can’t deny that the pastry thief with the dreamy blue eyes looks even more delicious. But moving in on a handsome devil like Trevor Kelly is bad news for a die-hard romantic like Haley. Trevor doesn’t believe in love. She does. Giving in to a fling and Trevor’s irresistible charms can’t end well. Can it? What can it hurt to give it a shot?

Girls always fall for Trevor, and in the end, he always ends up looking like a bad-boy cad. Still, spending some time with Haley and her smart-talking, kissable mouth sounds pretty perfect. Besides, he’s only going to be in Dogwood Lane for one week. How much trouble could they possibly get into?

The only answer? A “no falling in love” contract. All Trevor and Haley have to do are follow the rules and resist the attraction sizzling between them…before their hearts get completely tangled up in temptation.


     This was an interesting story with a unique but pleasant twist at the end.  For the player got played but to the best possible outcome.
     The story revolves around Haley.  A young woman who has a personality of giving and helping always.  Although, not until this year at twenty-six is it that she is learning to be kinder to herself.  Not allowing past relationships to take her under.  Especially, the last one with the Hippie.
     She instead, is using them all as learning experiences and steppingstones to the grand prizes of true love.  You see she has always had a habit of falling in love or should I say being all in when the guy has only dipped a toe into the water.  Then leaving Haley high and dry.
     So, on this really bad morning she is at the cafĂ© where her bestie, Claire works.  She is expecting to get her regular standing order coffee and a special donut.  Only to find out she just sold the last doughnut.  She is just about to leap over the counter in her old, too worn and see-through yoga pants, worn with her hot pink panties.
     When said, thief, speaks and snatches her doughnut away.  Idle chit chat comes as they wait for their coffees.  As he goes to leave, he gives his name as Trevor Kelly and hands over the said doughnut smiles and leaves.  She only absently gives her first name.  When her friend starts to tease her about the love connection, she says she will probably never see him again.
     But later she sees him at her cousin’s job site.  Seeing her two cousins are the owners of the construction company.  The constructions crew that happens to be working on Trevor’s father and stepmother’s new home.  Small world.  Being a small town, they see more of each other.
     I really enjoyed this book.  The banter of the couple, the joyfulness of her family & friends, and the strength Haley has gathered from each relationship and taught how important and special she is to herself.  No matter with a man or alone.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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