A pregnant heiress, a bachelor billionaire… 

…an unlikely family?

In this Manhattan Babies story, Trent Sigmund’s discovered Sabrina McCallan’s shocking secret: she’s pregnant! As she is his best friend’s sister, Trent’s compelled to help her. But offering Sabrina his private jet to track down her errant ex wasn’t supposed to become a whirlwind trip of Europe… And it certainly wasn’t supposed to awaken an attraction that makes him long to take this unexpected chance and build it into the perfect family!


   This story is about two wounded souls who had run in the same circles for several years due to Sabrina’s brother’s, Seth and Jake.  Because Trent is their best friend.  To her, he had always been Ziggy the lake bum.  Until her brothers told her no he’s a genius and a self-made billionaire. Who knew!
     She knew he was nice, polite and laid back.  She had never seen him working.  On this day he was in her brother Seth’s wedding and her escort for the wedding like he had been for Jake’s.  Trent had noticed however that she was distracted.
     He comes to find out Sabrina is pregnant was just finding out how she felt a since finding she had only just taken the test that morning.  He asked her plans she said to tell the baby daddy once secure a commercial flight for after the wedding.  She didn’t want to use one of the family jets because she didn’t want the family to know. 
     Not until she was able to speak with the daddy.  So, not happening!  She knew the baby daddy wouldn’t want a part, but she had to go to France.  She felt she needed to get it over with to feel better about it.
     Trent offers his jet.  She is so grateful until she finds out he’s attached to the jet.  He says she is newly pregnant and wouldn’t feel right if she went alone plus baby daddy may not be happy.  So, she said fine.  Well, it ends up being four countries later before they find him.
     Bring Trent and Sabrina closer together just part-time face to almost friends.  Totally enjoyed this story.  A fun couple and a believable plot.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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