Rad-Reader:  What made you want to tell this story?

Kimberley:  The whole series, apart from being fun to tell about 3 very different and very hot men and the women who tame them, explores the effect alcoholism can have on a family. To a lesser or greater extent, all the brothers are affected by their father’s previous problem with drink. For Laurel and Jonah, it made sense that the worst woman in the world for him would be a bar owner, and the worst man for her would be an ex-alcoholic.

Rad-Reader:  If her dad was in debt how can she get the money to make the changes to get the customers?

Kimberley:  She reduces the menu, which saves some money, but mostly she just begs for more time to pay the debts. She uses credit cards for the redecorating and spends very little money on it. She has help from her friends and goes to the consignment shop for the lights and picture frames.

Rad-Reader:  Why did Jonah pause at the door when helping Laurel bringing in the supplies?

Kimberley:  This was the first time in ten years he’d gone anywhere near a bar. It was also the bar he’d hung out with her dad in. So, he was struggling with his promise to himself not to go into a bar anymore, his love for her father, and the fact that Laurel needs his help now. As the story goes on, he realizes that going into the bar doesn’t mean he’s going to relapse.

Rad-Reader:  Was Jonah really Laurel’s secret crush?  But warned about by her mom?

Kimberley:  He wasn’t her crush in high school. Only when they were in college did she find him in her father’s bar, and their attraction was immediate. But Laurel was too smart to let Jonah drag her into his world—back then anyway. 😊

Rad-Reader:  Why was Reg being so disrespectful not only to Miguel but to Laurel also?

Kimberley:   Because he’s a racist, ignorant jackass! He had a world he controlled when her father owned the bar, and Frank left him alone most of the time. He didn’t have to work hard, and he could be as surly as he liked whoever he liked. Laurel challenges that, and he can’t take it.

Rad-Reader:  Doesn’t Reg realize they will be out of work and the bar and restaurant will be closed to a lot of people?

Kimberley:  People don’t want to see what’s right in front of them if it means they’ll have to change. He’s just telling himself they can carry on as they are.

Rad-Reader:  So, let me get this straight.  Jonah’s whole cleanup is so he can get or find his father and exact revenge on him?

Kimberley:  Nope! Jonah’s cleanup was because he realized (thanks to Laurel) that being drunk wasn’t the adult way to fix what was wrong in his world. In fact, it was causing more problems. He knows exactly where his father is and once he’s sober he still doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. It’s the one flaw in his logical personality, and he’s aware of it but doesn’t want to fix it.

Rad-Reader:  Jonah went to help Laurel not only knowing it would be a test of his limitations but Laurel’s too by the looks from the day before, right?  Yet, he makes her feel rejected and as if she’s the temptress to his demise if she ends up being with him.  Right?  Or Wrong?  And Why?

Kimberley:  His ‘demise’ would be a ‘decent’ into feeling something deeply, which he still stops himself from doing. But oh, the fall would be delicious! And Laurel, who is very confident in herself and her sexuality, doesn’t feel exactly rejected, just pissed that he’s lying to himself.

Rad-Reader:  Did Pam have a fling with Frank?  Is that why Pam won’t go visit Gail now?  They are best friends?

Kimberley:  Nope! No fling. People can be super-awkward after someone dies. And Pam is very self-centered. She wouldn’t spend much time figuring out what Gail needs. They weren’t best friends before, but good friends.

Rad-Reader:  Brett seems to want to recover but his mom seems to think he doesn’t need any help.  Why?

Kimberley:  Gail is an enabler—another person who allows herself to believe a situation isn’t as bad as it is because understanding it would mean she’d have to change. Watch My 600lb Life and see all the people who are bringing the food to the person who can’t get out of bed. Their reason is always that they love the person. There’s no logic to it, but it happens anyway.

Rad-Reader:  Shouldn’t the family at some point go to AA or 

Kimberley:  Yes! But AA’s focus on spiritual support doesn’t work for everyone, which is why Jonah didn’t go that route. There’s definitely some therapy needed, though!

Rad-Reader:  Laurel is determined to shatter all of Jonah’s rules.  What effect will that have on the war of women?  His mom vs Laurel?

Kimberley:  Much as mothers of boys hate to hear it, eventually it’s healthy for the guy to start putting his woman (or man!) before his mother. But Pam’s steady drip-drip of vitriol has messed with Jonah’s head. He almost sabotages everything with Laurel because of it. But he comes around in the end.

Rad-Reader:  Has protection been used. Especially after he hears the truths of his parent’s pairing laid out?  

Kimberley:  Protection is absolutely used! I don’t think unsafe sex is sexy. 

Rad-Reader:  The vine of roses tattoo both he and the EMT captain have it.  Who is she to Jonah?

Kimberley:  That’s funny that you put those two together because the tattoos looked so different in my head, but I guess yes, they are roses and vines! Jonah’s is just vines, snaking up from his chest to his neck. Raya’s is a strap around her bicep of roses and thorns.

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…

Laurel:  Scarlett Johansson

Too skinny. Laurel is a plus-size—i.e. normal-size—woman. 

Jonah:  Levi Stocke

Ooh, yeah, he’s pretty cute. 

Gail:  Marcy Walker

This is a tough one, because the woman who plays Gail would have to be completely unglamorous and actress-like! 

Pam:  Lisa Vanderpump

Brett:  Ed Sheeran

Peter:  John Slattery
Sure, but a bit more roughed-up!

Lucas:  Nathan Owens
Ooh, yeah! Where was he when I was looking for Lucas pics?!

Piper:  Shakira

Matt:  Mario Rodriguez Jr.

Kimberley: I’m terrible at this! Thanks for giving me some ideas!

Laurel:  Danielle MacDonald
Too skinny. Laurel is a plus-size—i.e. normal-size—woman. Like... 

Jonah:  Michael Fassbender 
I was thinking along the lines of Michael though. Look at the pain in his eyes!

Gail:  Gemma Jones
Pam:  Lisa Vanderpump
Brett:  Ed Sheeran
Ha! Yeah! Ed’s half-way there, from his songs 😊 He’d have to dye his hair blond though! 
Rad-Reader: Yeah, couldn't find a strawberry blonde at the size you described.

Peter:  John Slattery
Sure, but a bit more roughed-up!
Lucas: Nathan Owens
Ooh, yeah! Where was he when I was looking for Lucas pics?!

Piper: Shakira
More like this gal. I don’t know who she is!

Matt:  Mario Rodriguez Jr.
Sure! He’s cute, but Matt would rather die than be a model.

Rad-Reader: Here's Mario in a more natural setting.

Rad-Reader:  What song or songs best describes your characters or book?

“All for You – Keith Urban”

Ten years had passed since Jonah had since Laurel knew he was on a self-destructive path.  But she’s back because Jonah’s friend and father figure, Frank passed away.  Jonah’s heart was heavy because he sent Laurel away. He knew then he had to stop drinking and he had to stop going into Frank’s bar but most of all hanging out with Frank.  Which killed him.

“All to Myself – Dan + Shay”

When Laurel and Jonah have their first encounter, he knows he’s in trouble.  Because the sparks are still there.  The burn is deep and hot.

“Can’t Tell You No – Muscadine Bloodline”

With Jonah coming around Laurel is he starting to find that loving feeling again.  But he wants to put on the breaks.  But when she pushes the issue he falls into her loving arms and they become the item the people come to know.  Both their mothers are leery.  Causing second thoughts.

“Telling All My Secrets – Mitchell Tenpenny”

When he turns Laurel away breaking her heart after all his secret about his family come to ahead.  The secrets were out making him feel things.  Causing him to feel out of control.  All the things he has avoided for the last ten years.

Kimberley:  Ok, now you’re killing me. You have done so much research into this, and I’ve done none! Once I had kids, the lyrics of songs really passed me by! These are all great!

“Lover Of The Light - Mumford & Sons”

This could be a theme for all the books. The heroes and heroines are dark and light to each other. I’ll let you figure out which is which!

 "Feel Something - Adam Lambert"

When Jonah’s in his lowest moments, I’d go with Adam 

"Sweet Thing - Van Morrison"

How about this one for when Jonah’s thinking about Laurel?

"If Not Now - Tracy Chapman"

And this might be what Laurel says to Jonah:

Rad-Reader:  What is it about writing that gives you the most joy?

Kimberley:  I love teasing out what a character’s reaction would be to an event and making that realistic for the reader on the page. I love asking, “what if?” And I love having a story that flows, and characters that speak to me—this does not always happen!

Rad-Reader:  What do your friends and family think about your writing career?  Do they read your work first?

Kimberley:  My family are super-supportive, but since my girls are teenagers, I’ve told them they’re not allowed to read my books until they go to college—so they won’t have to look at me after they’ve read the naughty bits!

Rad-Reader:  What three things can’t you leave home without?

Kimberley:  Listerine strips, lipstick, and my 3 pairs of glasses!

Rad-Reader:  What is your favorite dessert?

Kimberley:  Apple pie. Made without any cinnamon. Just the pure tangy taste of the apples and the best pastry.

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?

Kimberley:  The third book in the Van Allen Brothers series comes out on September 10! After that, watch this space!

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?  Links

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?  Links

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