THIS REMINDS ME OF US (St. Caroline Series, #4)


Return to the small town and Chesapeake shores of St. Caroline in this heartwarming story about finding one’s way back to love when life throws you a curveball ...

Deputy fire chief Oliver Wolfe had everything he ever wanted. A beautiful wife, two adorable (if rambunctious) sons, a job he loved, a comfortable home, and family and friends in his hometown of St. Caroline, Maryland ...

… until the day he has to stand by helplessly and watch his wife’s unconscious body get cut from the mangled wreckage of her car.

Serena Wolfe was a blissfully happy newlywed with a tall, dark, and handsome firefighter for a husband and a honeymoon baby on the way …

… until the day she wakes up from a coma to discover that she’s actually thirty years old and has two adorable (if rambunctious) boys, a house, and friends … none of which she can remember.

That’s alarming enough. But Serena might have had a secret former life … which she also can’t remember …


   Oliver Wolfe was one hardheaded man.  Once he got something in his head he would not cut loose from that idea.  In this secret that he thought she was carrying he was accusing her of being untrustworthy.  Making you unsure of his faithfulness, to their vows.
     Yet, Serena had done nothing to earn his mistrust.  All except end up in a car accident.  Her bad!  But really, Serena had given up a sizeable trust fund to be with Ollie.  So, if she did that why would she push off and say, “Let me do x, y, and z.  Now please, the man is delusional.  Really lack of sleep and worry will do that to a person.  But you couldn’t get him to see that.
     All it took was three simple obscure things for this usually very levelheaded, nice, salt of the earth, hard-working father and loving husband to turn on his wife.  Yet, not in an overt way no in a passive-aggressive way.
     Until that day he calls her out and accuses her causing and their marriage to suffer.  The worst part when she denies it, he uses her memory loss suffered in the accident against her.  Saying how would she know.
     Never once looking at her character or at the fact he loves her, or she has never once given him a reason to mistrust her.  He withholds affection, stays at the fire station more, and then is jealous when the boys give her more affection than him and things don’t fall apart without him.  When for four months he carried the load.  Wow, he had to do his job be a father.
     Although, I spent most of this book disliking Ollie I totally get where grief can be a game-changer.  The makeup of how your brain works to cope with the loss is touchy.  Losing his mom at the same time his wife is in a traumatic accident take its toll.  He really treated his wife like poo during this whole book.  A spoiled child really is how he acted.  Mason acted older than he did.
     What I did get is that Serena was safe for him to be angry with.  He was secure deep down in their love that they could work things out.  Yet, several times when she had made up with her parents and they said they would give her back her trust, that she would wise up and leave.  Because he knew deep down he was never enough.
     Yet, when just going for a week vacation to her parents due to forced closure because of the weather.  Causes him to doubt.  He’s grouchy.  He’s not so sure of himself anymore.  Reality and communication with your wife seem to become more important than those he carries on in his head.  The humor, reality, and ability to love during tragedy and pain is what makes this book.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by 
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