Rad-Reader:  What made you want to tell this story?

Susan:   The heroine. Sabrina McCallan appears in CARRYING THE BILLIONAIRE’S BABY and A DIAMOND FOR THE SINGLE MOM. She’s the picture-perfect sister…except there’s a sense that there is something “up” with her. Maybe because she’s too perfect. Even I didn’t understand the odd sense of unhappiness that ran through her personality until I wrote her story.

Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea come from?

Susan:  The idea was a combination of the questions her character raised in her brothers’ stories and the mysterious Ziggy…the roommate Seth, Sabrina’s brother, always talked about but no one saw. LOL Laidback, casual Ziggy was as far from perfect as a person could get and Sabrina was perfect. I wondered what would happen if I put them together.

Rad-Reader:  How long did it take you to write this story?  Are you a pantser, an outliner, etc.…?

Susan:  I’m a little bit of everything. I start with a solid synopsis that’s built more like an outline. Then in chapter 5, I start thinking…hmmmm…the story would be so much better “if” then I pants for a while, using the new idea I decided to try in chapter 5. But that doesn’t last long. LOL, I’m okay pantsing but I like knowing what comes next. So, I outline the last third of the story and that’s how I finish.

Rad-Reader:  Can you tell us the backstory that the blurb doesn’t tell us about Sabrina and Trent?

Susan:  There’s not much to tell that it, isn’t in the blurb or book. Because Seth roomed with Ziggy, Sabrina and Ziggy have always been in the periphery of each other’s lives. It takes something big to get them together…Ziggy needs to do something good for Seth, and Sabrina’s need of a ride to Europe.

I think that’s true of a lot of people. Sometimes falling in love isn’t about dating…it’s about really getting to know the other person and Sabrina and Ziggy’s quest to find the father of her child doesn’t merely put them in the same space; it brings out the best/worst in each of them until they really get to know each other and fall in love.

Because that’s my idea of real love. We see such a pretty picture of dating on shows like Say Yes to the Dress…but the reality is people can fake who they are on a date. I like forcing people together so each can see the reality of who the other is and still love them.

Rad-Reader:  Had Trent been noticing things about Sabrina that day but hadn’t said anything. Because normally, she is more outgoing and on this day, she is not with it?

Susan:  Trent is a keen observer. It’s a trait that doesn’t merely make him successful professionally, it gives him a soft heart. So, he sees what others don’t. He sees she’s not quite the perfect heiress she always seems to be and as a “fixer” (someone who feels compelled to fix things) he can’t let it be. LOL 

Rad-Reader:  Someone noticing small changes when they hadn’t really been around someone all that much seems unusual don’t you think?  Or was he more interested in her that he was admitting to himself?

Susan:  Yes and no. I think he had a sixth sense about her that made him like her. But his keen observational skills are what made him a successful investor. In this case, those skills translated to romance. LOL 

Rad-Reader:  Wait unless he had deeper feelings than he knew do you really think any guy would have gone country-hopping so she could tell the father about the baby if he didn’t have feelings for Sabrina?

Susan:   He always liked her as a friend, but he also felt honor-bound to do something for Seth to pay him back for kindnesses extended when they got out of University. A lot of what happened had to do with Trent feeling he owed Seth a debt.

Plus, something my editor and I discuss a lot is that people with money don’t think things like trotting around Europe are a big deal. Sometimes as a reader we have to come out of our own comfort zone and think…What would it be like if I had BILLIONS of dollars? 

Rad-Reader:  Trent is just so genuine but didn’t he add to his own heartache by his talk that a step-parent couldn’t love a stepchild like their own?

Susan:  He did, but don’t forget it was his stepdad’s behavior that caused him to form that belief. I think he kept reminding himself because he didn’t want to get his heartbroken or break Sabrina’s.

Rad-Reader:  Why does he keep reminding himself and Sabrina that she is Seth’s little sister and totally off-limits?  Doesn’t that just reinforce that he is not even thinking of her in any way other than off-limits?

Susan:  I think it all goes back to his strong connection to Seth. He values family and loyalty so much that the first connection he sees is to Seth. Later, when his feelings for Sabrina overtake his feelings of loyalty to her brother, he can see that what he and Sabrina have is pretty special. 

Rad-Reader:  When Trent kisses her they both run scared again.  Why is that?

Susan:  I think they realize that what they feel is stronger than normal…and they’d better be sure they want it, or they risk hurting someone they don’t want to hurt.

Rad-Reader:  Pierre basically, was a leach.  So, what was the meaning of her picture on the piano anyway?

Susan:  Pierre likes pretty, fancy things. Sabrina was the epitome of pretty and fancy. If he’d had the means….as much money as the McCallans…He would have gone for it with Sabrina. In a way, she was the personification of the unattainable life that he wanted. 

Oddly, I also think he’s redeemable and I wonder if there isn’t a story for him somewhere in my head. LOL 

Rad-Reader:  Why did Pierre lead her on?  Was he part of the other book?

Susan:  Hmmm. I didn’t think he led her on. They had a no strings attached relationship that they decided to end. Then she got lonely and made a trip to see him and they had that “goodbye” sex that basically reaffirms that they don’t belong together. Then she ends up pregnant.

I think the real deal with Pierre was he desperately wanted to be part of her elite family, but he knew he didn’t belong. He gave it a good shot, knew he didn’t fit and let her go.

In a way, that was an honorable thing to do…esp for a man as … well, opportunistic as Pierre was. LOL

And, yes, he showed up in Seth and Harper’s book, A DIAMOND FOR THE SINGLE MOM. 

Rad-Reader:  Both their families had applied so much unjust pressure on them that they had no idea who they were.  Was it them being so close during the weddings that made them comfortable to express themselves or just the adventure to tell the baby daddy?

Susan:   I’ve always been of the opinion that honesty breeds honesty. Someone throws out the first really honest comment, especially in a way that proves their vulnerability (Like Sabrina admitting she’s pregnant) and the other person has to be equally honest or he disrespects her honesty.

They had no commitment, no tie, other than through her brother. So, there was a sense of free space. You know the old saying about how easy it is to tell your whole life, warts and all, to a stranger in a bar? Well, that’s what we had here. Knowing Trent wouldn’t tell her family anything she told him, she could be honest. And Trent knowing she didn’t know his family, found himself in a safe zone too. They could speak the truth to each other. And isn’t that refreshing?

Isn’t it always wonderful when you can be yourself with someone?

Rad-Reader:  Never really said how the brothers took it when they were told that Trent was the man she was now with?

Susan:   Both brothers are blissfully happy in their relationships, with their kids. Both brothers like and respect Trent.

And let’s not forget, he came to Sabrina’s rescue when she needed someone.

He would have passed any big brother test either Jake or Seth had. LOL

Rad-Reader:  Do you just think they know by what Jake asked that morning at the castle?

Susan:  Yes, but I think it’s more. Both McCallan brothers hold themselves to a high standard. Trent meets that standard.

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…

Sabrina:  Jennifer Lawrence

Trent:  Theo James

Pierre:  Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Susan:  You nailed it with Jennifer Lawrence and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He has a happier look about him than Theo James.  Theo James could be Pierre. LOL 

Sabrina:  Jennifer Lawrence

Trent:  Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Rad-Reader:  What song or songs best describes your characters or your book as a whole?

“I Think I Love Her – Stan Taylor”
Sabrina at Seth’s Wedding finds out that morning she’s pregnant.  She decides she’s excited but needs to tell her baby daddy she knows she won’t want it, but she needs to tell him.  When Trent figure’s out she needs help he offers and decides to go with her.  But it becomes a multi-country trek.  The bonding and their demons are confusing their emotions.

“This Woman’s Work – Marc Dortch”

After Sabrina Stood up to her baby daddy her and Trent had a moment and when they go back to the hotel, they both second guess it.  But the night at the castle changes everything.  Cold feet get the better of them.  She pulls her emotions in tight and moves forward.

“What Could’ve Been – Gone West”

Sabrina had spent her whole life being her parent’s perfect daughter.  In the four days, she was with Trent she was allowed to find out who she was.  She liked it and it seems like he loved it until he turns his back.  Now she is a romantic and he's pragmatic.

Susan:  Wow. You chose perfect music. Love, all three choices.

Rad-Reader:  When you go on vacation do you like better at the beach, desert, mountains or lake…?

Susan:  Oh, I’m such a beach girl. I love to read with the sound of the ocean in front of me. I love to soak up the sun. I don’t swim in the ocean. I just love looking at it and listening to it. J

Sunrises at the Ocean … sigh. I love them. And long walks either in the morning or evening or both.

Everyone has a place that speaks peace to them. The ocean is mine. I love the peace. 

Rad-Reader:  Are you a dessert girl or bring on the main course?

Susan:  Well…I love both. Which is why I have to go on a program to lose more than a few pounds. LOL, I’m crazy in love with steak and mashed potatoes…but I’m equally in love with puddings and cake.

Rad-Reader:  If you have children do you have any budding writers?

Susan:  My daughter is a massage therapist and my son is an executive. My daughter is whimsical like me and my son is over-organized, overthinker like me. Either one of them could have tilted in this direction, but neither did. LOL

Still, there’s always grandkids. J 

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it due out?

Susan:   I’m currently working on a few things that are very interesting. My next project for HQ is a trilogy about thee people who suddenly discover they are the children of a billionaire who just died and they are now rich.

Each has to go to NYC for official DNA swabs etc. to prove they are actually children of the billionaire.

The first is a waitress who just finished college and is about to become a social worker. So, she’s happy just to have her student loans paid. LOL It’s like a Cinderella Story and it comes out this year, close to Christmas. In fact, the title is Cinderella’s Billion Dollar Christmas. That book was so fun to write.

The second is about a heroine, Charlotte, who is a vice president in a development company. She doesn’t want the money but has to prove she’s an heir to be able to bow out of the estate. She falls in love with her bodyguard…a gorgeous guy who had been married and his wife cheated. They both feel they are star-crossed lovers, but fate has other ideas….or maybe it’s me. LOL Maybe it’s actually me who had other ideas and got them together and plans to keep them together.

The third heir? He’s a big surprise. And I’m not going to spoil that. LOL

I’m also working on a series of short stories. I started writing, them to connect to the McCallan family because there was just so much there. I give them away to newsletter subscribers. J

But…once I wrote a few short stories to connect to the McCallans I realized I could also write a few to connect to the Hinton Heirs. Then I realized I could connect them to a few other things and now I have a spreadsheet full of story and novella ideas. All free to newsletter subscribers…unless or until I put them on Amazon. Then I’ll figure something out.

It’s just been so much fun to create this world of wealthy and not-so-wealthy people who interact in Manhattan. I could probably go on forever.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?  Links

Susan:  This is booking three of a 3-book series, so we start with the current release and work back to the first book:



Barnes and Noble:



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Barnes and Noble

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?  Links


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