Bailey Sheppard has loved Nick Heart for as long as she could remember. They had been best friends in school and had graduated to a friend with benefits arrangement after she left home to study at a university two states away. Their once a month weekends were the highlight of her life when he would fly in to visit her and she would have him all to herself for the entire, uninterrupted weekend.
And then he told her he was getting married.
Bailey’s perfect world was threatening to implode and she had to do something to set it to rights. She needed Nick in her life, she wanted to be the one he married and lived happily ever after with. So she hatched a plan to stop the wedding and steal the groom.
And then she met Hunter.
Hunter Green, the Mreclusive aviation billionaire offers to act as her boyfriend to make the groom jealous and help her put a stop to the wedding. But his beautiful green eyes and the way he makes her feel when he touches her cause her to question her loyalty and feelings towards Nick. Oh, and he just happens to be Nick’s stepbrother.
Now she has feelings for Hunter that won’t be denied, but what does that mean for her future with Nick? Does she take a chance on a new relationship with Hunter or should she stay the course and reach for the happily ever after she’d always imagined with Nick?

WARNING: This book contains explicit language and sex scenes. Not intended for audiences under 18yrs


     This is a book that has been on ‘my to be read list’ about a month I got free on Amazon.  And I about a month.  I have to say it was actually really, really cute. Now, if sex talked and acted out is not for you this is not your book.  It’s meant for the over 18 crowd for sure. 
     But, the angst is funny.  It’s about a friend with benefits and no strings attached to the couple who have known each other all their lives.  But come on no strings for at least one of them.  Well, you can only guess which one, Bailey.  When they are meeting for their once a month weekend, this guy Nick does the nasty with her showers and says by the way Bae this will be the last time because I’m getting married in six months.  But after the dust settles, we can resume.
     She asks herself over and over me.  We are special together no matter who else we dated.  He says I could never cage my wild bird that you are, you would hate me.  Plus, my father arranged this.  Then, he kisses her and leaves.
     About a week or two later, her roommate could not take it anymore threw her behind in the shower.  She made her dress nice so they could go out to a bar and have fun.  Sitting at the bar on her third vodka a guy sits next to her handsome, is not strong enough, gorgeous emerald eyes, and jet-black hair with a nice beard she thought. 
     Then, she thinks she’s only thinking and wonders how it feels kissing him with the beard?  He responds, ‘Would you like me to kiss you.’  When she realizes the feeling is much more intense than she ever felt with her ex-Nick. 
     This one and done was a twist though he leaves a note saying he wouldn’t mind kissing her again and leaves his number.  She knew he was a special man and didn’t want him to feel like a rebound.  Six months later they meet again on a flight to the same wedding.  He exes and little does she know his hated stepbrother’s.  He hatches this plan to break up this wedding with her.  The angst is unbelievably funny.
     The one thing that bothered me is the amount of alcohol Bailey consumes throughout the book.  Adding to the funny, yes.  For such an accomplished young woman that’s a lot of drinking and still function.  Still, it was fun and sad about how our human nature is to assume things instead of asking and talking about it.  Her Nick is a douchebag.
     I give this: 5 stars.  Follow us at

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