HIS BEST MISTAKE                          LUCY KING

Is it too much to ask for a relationship that works?

When Stella Grant realizes her perfect romance is a lie and that she's the other woman, she flees to her remote cottage in the Highlands to lick her wounds.

Billionaire currency trader Jack Maclean has nothing but contempt for the woman who stole not only his sister’s fiancĂ© but quite possibly a family heirloom to boot. Nonetheless, he wants answers and he intends to get them. A quick trip north should do the trick. Never in a million years could he have predicted a kamikaze sheep and inclement weather would leave him stranded.

Jack might be gorgeous but Stella isn’t in the market for a man, especially one who hates her. No matter how attractive he finds her Stella is the very last person Jack should want. The trouble is, they’re all alone and the chemistry is irresistible, and, well, what happens in Scotland stays in Scotland, right?


I enjoyed this story so much.  It’s about two wounded souls who find themselves after a one and done becoming so much more.
     Jack is a widower four years now and he is in the midst of his wife’s anniversary passing week.  When his distraught sister needs him.  Her fiancĂ© has cheated on her, but she believes it falls in the lap of a woman called Stella.  So, he tracks her down and is on his way to get some answers.
     Unfortunately, he wrecks his car, and she is the one that helps him out of his not so graceful entrance.  Not good, making him angrier when they walk back to her cottage.  He pelts her with angry heartless questions.  Actually, accusing her is more like it, of being a whore who steals other women’s men on a regular basis.
     When she’s let say his peace, Stella lays into him.  Saying she too, was a victim and that how is it that he could find her but not Brad who he told her his name was Ben by the way.  She said she even asked him if he had a girlfriend to which he answered, no.  By the time she finished, he believed her.
     One thing leads to another that night as the storm rages on outside as well as inside between them.  Because while angry they both realized within themselves there was a sexual attraction.
     One kiss, and it was on.  Stepping back, she wonders what is happening when he says it would amount to anything but a one and done.  She said she had never done one before, but she was game.  Three times later. 
     When his car alarm goes off after it had reset itself.  You see, after the accident, the electrical turned the whole car system making it not able to drive.  They wake in a start he says he will go out for her to sleep and he will try and turn it off.  When she wakes in the morning he is gone.
     Four weeks later when morning sickness hits it’s a good thing she knows who he is.  After, checking eight times to be sure she swears she will love this babe no matter what he wants to do.  But she knows she will have to tell him.  He will either be in or out. Not a problem either way.
     Can they make it work when they have skeletons lurking and one of them doesn’t want to open up to the other?  A good story filled with emotion a real depiction of what you can believe happening. 
     I give this: 5 stars.  Free pick on Amazon.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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