THE BAD TWIN                                AVERY SCOTT

Being the good twin isn't all it's cracked up to be. Abby Levesque knows that better than anyone. While her sister drifts through life carefree, Abby's left to clean up her messes. The latest mess? Hudson Quinn— the hot, angry billionaire on her doorstep demanding she accompany him to Paris. He's obviously mistaken her for her twin, Gabby, who happens to be his assistant. Too bad Gabby is nowhere to be found. If Abby wants to fix her sister's latest blunder, she'll have to pretend to be someone else for two weeks—preferably someone who isn't wildly attracted to her mercurial boss…

As far as Hudson's concerned, his sexy-but-flaky new personal assistant is just another in a long line of terrible decisions and failures in his life. But he's working on the deal of a lifetime—a deal that could change everything for him—and he needs her help to close it. The last thing he ever expected was to connect with her on a soul-deep level.

Falling in love wasn't part of the job, and when Hudson finds out who she really is, Abby's terrified he'll never forgive her. With a billion-dollar deal—and both their hearts—on the line, can Abby convince Hudson she's the right twin for him?


I really enjoyed this story.  The child-like experience that Abby gets and shows at the joys of having her childhood dream come true is fun to read.
     It is in a way, Beauty and the Beast, as far as emotions and personalities go.  Hudson has a lot to prove to his overzealous father.  There is a darkness hidden inside Hudson that brings a shadow to his eyes when his family is mentioned.
     When Abby and Hudson first meet it is not under the most ideal circumstances.  He had just hired her identical irresponsible twin sister to work for him, three weeks ago.  Now, he shows up at their home irate that she is not packed, dressed and at the airstrip already.  He gets pissed and says if she is not on that plane in a half-hour, she will not get paid, the bonus and she will face a lawsuit.
     Abby knew they needed that money to make the two months back rent they owed.  With herself being laid off, what could she do but wing it?  When she finally gets ahold of Gabby, she’s in Tenn. With a new roadie boyfriend.  She would never make it there in time.  She asked what work she was supposed to do in Paris she said translate and carry papers.  Nothing really.
     So, Abby thought maybe.  But when the boss shows up in her bedroom and starts packing for her she is realizing she’s going to Paris.  She was now playing the part of her sister like the old days.  But what was she supposed to do for this sexy beast of a man?
     There are a lot of cute moments in the book and so worth the read.  I enjoyed Abby’s, 'never give up attitude' and being there for those she loved, even if it meant she lost what she needed for herself at times.
     I give this: 5 stars. Provided by
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