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When you love something, let it go…

To everyone in his hometown, Matthias Van Allen is a hero. Back from his posting as an army medic, he’s welcomed with a party the whole town attends. Everyone’s happy to see him – except his ex-girlfriend, Raya. First, Raya lost her father, and when Matt joined the army, she was left with no one.

Raya Piacenza‘s used to being alone now. She’s made her way in the world and doesn’t need anyone or anything except her jobs: an EMT captain and personal trainer. But now Matt is back, pushing her buttons in a way she thought she’d grown out of. Worst of all, she’s now his boss.

As Matt settles back into the community and Raya is offered a chance to leave it, they will have to figure out if their lives have room for each other – or if they should set each other free.


     This is the third book in the series.  Matthias and Raya used to be an item all through high school then one day he breaks up with her or so she figures out and joins the Army.  And puff he’s gone.
     Now, here we are eight years later.  She is still an EMT like they both trained to be and were doing together before he left.  He is returning now a war hero, a medic.  She is trying to shore herself up and not hold a grudge against him.  Act as he dumped her when she needed him the most.  Although she did, she’s moved on and she’s not going to snub him but for sure not falling at his feet either.
     Matt knows he screwed up and he wants to make amends.  Seeing her for the first time is harder than he thought.  He realized for the last eight years he had been avoiding coming home at all as to not face her and what he did.
     He would have reenlisted again if his dad did not ask him to please not and come home.  Something about the way he pleaded told him he needed to be back home no matter what ghost he had to face.
     She wishes to see Matt for the first time she could have been a lot more indifferent to him being back and orbiting in her close space and hometown makes her jumpy.  If what she hears is true keeping up his skills being a medic for the Army, he is wanting to come back on the squad.  Only now this time she’s Captain and will be his boss.      
     However, when they do talk about what they both remember about their tragic ending to their relationship is so very different.  Leaving the raw still after eight years and a lot of unsaid words and emotions.  With hurtful words that were said in order to mask the pain, they both thought they had worked through.
     The thing that throughs them the most is that after all the things said and time that has passed there is overwhelming sexual want and underlying love for one another.  Neither wants to go back and give the town something to talk about.
     Staying out of each other’s way was proving impossible. Each running, it is a mixture of pain, sorrow, regret, and longing with a whole lot of simmering passion.  Was this worth all the avoiding or was it just easier to finally decide to stand still and talk?  When they do, they may be surprised as to what their words to each other in time of pain heard and interpreted to mean.
     Words can be powerful and when you love someone how do they know what you’re thinking if not with words.  But we use words during heated moments without thinking as Raya did.  To see how they get past this long-held pain for both of them, you will need to read about their love for one another.
     I give this: 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by Follow us at

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