The Convenient Cowboy (The Hansen Brothers #2)


Nate Hansen desperately needs a reboot to his playboy image that doesn’t involve women, drinking and fighting. Rehabilitation and building a solid future proves elusive as he can’t land a permanent job until someone mentions local widow Joy Mitchell who's advertising a full-time ranch job. Perfect.

Joy Mitchell is desperate for a ranch hand to help keep her dead husband’s legacy alive out of the greedy grasp of her manipulative father-in-law. Nate’s reputation precedes him, none of it good, but the ranch is running on empty, and Joy makes the hard choice. The problem is the job she’s offering isn’t exactly what Nate had planned.

Nate knows what it's like to lose everything, but seriously, become a mail-order groom? But Joy won’t or can’t compromise.


The second book in this series has Nate Hansen working on changing his ways and his image. He finds though that the people in town still see him as what he was.
Joy Mitchell is working and working every day but she feels like she is getting nowhere. Her father-in-law is after the ranch she lives on with her son his grandson, but he feels that it belongs to him though her husband willed it to her and his boy. Now she has lost the last set of wranglers once again she is desperate for help, so she puts an ad in the paper looking for a husband.
Nate is being let go at another ranch and asks if anyone knows of work. They tell him of her ranch. Once there he meets Joy and the little boy who takes a liking to right away. He begins to work and later stopping for lunch Joy realizes that he does not know the terms. She also is wondering what about his playboy ways and that her sister and he went on a few dates a year ago.
Once Nate thinks about everything he agrees, this does not stop the problems for either of them. People in town use his past to try to harm his future, which also harms Joy. What they don’t know is that it begins to drive them closer, only will they stay together at the end of the agreement. Read this very good story to find out. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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