MERMAID INN (Matchmaker Bay #1)

MERMAID INN                                   JENNY HOLIDAY

Eve Abbott has a problem-actually, make that a lot of problems. And they're all going to get worse the moment her toes hit the sand in Matchmaker Bay. Once a blissful summer escape, now the tiny town just reminds Eve of loss. Inheriting her aunt's beloved Mermaid Inn is the only reason Eve is coming back. She's definitely not ready to handle nosy neighbors, extensive renovations, or the discovery that a certain heartbreaker still lives down the street...

Police Chief Sawyer Collins always does the right thing, even when it costs him everything. Like Evie. He's spent the past ten years trying to forget her--to forget how right she felt in his arms, to forget the pain in her eyes the day she left. The last thing he expects is to see her back in town or to find that the spark between them is as strong as ever. Sawyer knows this is his only chance to prove that his feelings have always been real... before Eve turns tail and leaves for good.


     This is for sure my type of fun book to read.  Second chance romance, check.  Angst friends, check.  Meddling senior matchmakers, check.  This couple did not stand a chance.  Everyone at the end could yell got ya!  Even Evie’s Aunt and Saddy she had died.
     Lucille is the only reason Evie had come back to town.  Because when she made her fast exit ten years prior, she said she was never ever returning.  She had been doing pretty darn good at that promise too.
     But Lucille had left her the Mermaid Inn the place that was like home every summer.  That is where she had met her best friend, Sawyer.  Now, known as, “The one who shall remain nameless.”
     When he broke her heart that last summer at the Mermaid parade on Labor Day she never returned.  It killed Evie because she loved being at the lakes and all the crazy meddling people her aunt called her friends.
     See how the relationship gets righted to first the not, not friend title.  Making it bearable for Evie to function afterward so she was grateful for that blowup.
     See the dynamics between Sawyer and Clara the little sister he raised with the help of the town.  The friendships that start with the people who were older than Evie a few years but welcomed her any way coming home.
     This is a good read you won’t want to miss.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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