"Ride with me." Three simple words. A seemingly perfect solution after my car breaks down.

So why am I so nervous about this? Sure, I've harbored the biggest crush on him for over a decade. But one road trip isn't going to clue him in on that well-kept secret.

I can't put my finger on what's making this ride feel like a big deal. That is until he pulls me close and revs the hard rumbling engine of his bike.

Okay, things are definitely different.

And the ride hasn't even begun yet.


          For ten years CeCe has been in love with Aiden who is ten years older than her.  But he has seen her grow up while working for her dad at his garage.  She would follow him around like his shadow.  But being a shy girl and a BBW all her life she never really dated.

     Aiden has watched her grow up.  It wasn’t until her sophomore year of college, that things started to become the tingles for them both. Aiden realized she’s all woman.  It’s their ride over to the cabin and all her moans from riding with her up against him and for her the vibration from the motorcycle.

     The weekend at the cabin starts the real beginning to the relationship between CeCe and Aiden I really enjoyed this love story.  This is a sexy alpha man lovin’ his BBW and making her feel beautiful.  There is a lot of sexy so 18+ for sure.   

     I give this: 5 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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