NEWEST HIRE (A Chicago CEO Novel)

NEWEST HIRE                                    J. P. COMEAU

Nicholas Hunter is the Warlord of the publishing world,
A conqueror of companies
Everything he sets his sights on is destroyed.

He took my job and threw it out the window, just like many others,
And he’s hotter than any man I’ve ever met, despite his cocky attitude…
But I have a responsibility - a son.
I need to find a new job fast…

My former boss’s friend did me a favor and recommended me…
The problem is I’m unqualified…

My new hire’s name: Angela Faye
I hired her for only one reason…
My Executive Assistant vouched for her.

Smart, snarky, beautiful, hardworking, funny…
She’s everything I used to lust after and more.
Dad always told me to persevere to find true love.
I’ve persevered more fake relationships than I’ll admit.

Now, could she break that cycle?
Is Angela what I’ve been waiting for?

Or is she just another beautiful woman vying for my attention?


     Talk about chemistry Nick and Angela ooze it.  They both are attracted to each other from the moment they meet.  However, Angela was the one hired for the job.  She was recommended for it by her old boss.
     You see Nick took over her old company as a result of putting her out of work.  Which she can’t be she has Noah, her little first grader, she is raising alone.  So, as much as she didn’t want to work for the Warlord, she needed to provide for her son.
     The interview was tense she didn’t want to blow it being there was a little resentment for losing her job but then he grills her concededly about how there have been others who have only tried to work there to bag hi for money or goods.  So, she would be on there on a trial basis for two weeks.
     She was fine with that.  Although they had chemistry, he was sexy, and she had sex dreams in the past about him, she needed the job more.  He was off-limits plus he was too conceded.
     I give this: 5 stars.  Free on Amazon.  

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