The public loves seeing powerful millionaires taken down a notch—or ten. And after losing the woman I loved thanks to a tabloid exposé, I’m obsessed with privacy. My assistants are carefully vetted. So I can’t help being suspicious when domestically challenged bombshell Khloe Davis is hired to accompany me to tropical St. Thomas.

Khloe breaks everything she touches and can’t make so much as a sandwich. And the maddeningly tiny French maid uniform she wears every day is definitely not the required dress code…not that I’m complaining. Sleeping with the help is against every rule in my book, but just the sight of Khloe is keeping me up at night.

Then I discover she wants me as much as I want her. Before I know it, we’re checking off every position on her sexual to-do list. What skills Khloe lacks in the kitchen she more than makes up for in the bedroom. The voluptuous goddess is fast becoming my new obsession. But is she hiding something that could break my trust…and my heart?


     These two individuals did happen to cross paths when they were both younger. She was five and sick with the chickenpox. Being a window, her dad relied on after-school daycare, but she was sent home from hers.

     Her dad worked for James Carson as his driver. So, on this day he had not a problem with sweet quiet little Khloe sitting in the back of the limo with him. One of the stops was to pick up a grandson from swim lessons. He already had the pox so no worries. Until she threw up all over the back seat.

     Now, she finds herself in a position where she will be working for Will. Yet, she is asked by James to not let him know she’s a journalist. So, on the plane to the destination, she throws up to find out it was Will in the limo that day.

     He’s laughing saying, he is getting a complex. When she asks why he says because she’s vomited on him twice now in his presence. The rapport the two have is a good blend of authority with easy banter, with mischief, innuendos, and a whole lot of sexual angst.

     How he sees this full-figure beauty with curves in all the right places. With no points that poke when you hold her is amazing. He also loves her sass and that he doesn’t get what he wants when he wants it, that she challenges him.

     When he mentions his rule book when they get to his place in St. Thomas she is irked. Then, she sees the uniform his grandfather spoke of about, oh boy! It is now on.

     Enjoyed this book, the character too. James was just too sweet. Will and Khloe had so much sexual energy and a lot of funny banter that kept you reading. The writing just seemed to flow.

  I give this: 5 stars. Provided by netgalley.com. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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