DOCTOR PLEASURE An Older Man Younger Woman Romance (Alpha Male Quickie Book 1)

DOCTOR PLEASURE                         LEXI LEVEAUX

They call him Doctor Pleasure for a reason.

Richard Pleasant is a gynecologist, the kind of man who appears in every woman’s fantasy. Despite the fact that he spends all day looking at female body parts in excruciating detail, Richard remains professional and detached. This is, after all, his job.

All that gets thrown out the window when Mary Templeton comes in for her first routine examination. She is a gorgeous redhead with beautiful eyes, and Richard is immediately smitten like never before. When his exam goes awry, he cuts it short in order not to cross a boundary. However, that isn’t the last he’ll ever see of Mary.

Unfortunately, Mary has a jerk for a boyfriend. Richard is determined to show her the right way to do things, as a man and not her doctor. Will he be able to, or will Mary stay with the guy who mistreats her?


Dr. Pleasant has always prided himself on the fact that he is a ladies man and a ladies doctor.  Yet, you never pick up ladies at work he was always telling the guys who always thought he took this line of work for that reason.  Nor has it ever been a, thought until he meets, Mary.  She is his one.  But while she is in her office, he does nothing to make a case against him.
     But being that this was her first exam ever and that she was turned on by him, well he was a man.  So, he knew to be extra charitable with the measures take to remain professional.  Because he knew he was completely turned on.
    He figured once the exam was over it would be another year before he saw her again.  It shook him up enough that he wanted to cut loose and go get his drink on.  So, he chose the pub in his house so he could walk home.  Guess who he sees.
     Yup!  Mary and her boyfriend, he avoids them but they are by the bar arguing.  So, he hears them talking.  It’s not going well, and Mark, her boyfriend goes to slap her and that’s when Richard can’t ignore it anymore.
     See where or what happens from here.  I give this: 4 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at   

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