EXTRA INNINGS                                JESS BRYANT

When Deacon Callahan asked his wife Lily to marry him when they were eighteen years old, he only wanted three things: Lily by his side forever, a career in professional baseball and a family. Now at twenty-eight, he’s a veteran in the league. He and Lily are married, but they haven’t been able to conceive and the stress has put a strain on their marriage that’s making it crumble.

When Lily Callahan said 'yes' to Deacon all those years ago, she couldn't wait to spend her life by his side, cheering him on and raising their family. But she didn't count on not being able to have children. And she didn't count on always coming in second to baseball. Deacon is rarely ever home and when they are together, they're just going through the motions. Lily is fed up and ready to call it quits when a surprise rocks her world.

Can Deacon show Lily that she's number one in his life before it’s too late? Can they save their relationship? Or are they just waiting for the clock to run out on their happily ever after?

When you start out so young with such a passion and fir for the man your with it hurts when his same passion starts to die down.  You have no way of winning against something when your partner is not even around to fight for.  When Deke is on the road so much Lily has no way to reach him emotionally, spiritually, most of all physically.
     Then, you add to that the length of time of time and you know that his teammates are all younger and single your mind goes to all too many bad conclusions.  Especially, when you wake up day in and day out with the stinking thinking tapes that say, “You’ve now aged ten years, you nag all the time, and you can’t even give him the family he wants.  Who are you anymore?”
     The tapes keep playing over and over with no attentive husband any longer to counteract them and say something different.  Then, when Deke does come home off the road, she’s lucky if she gets a hug as good as an old friend would get.  They're in trouble and she wants out.  She can’t live like this any longer.
     While on the road this last time Deke knew that Lily was not happy with him for a while.  He didn’t know how to fix it.  He knew part of it was their lack of being able to have a child yet.  On this night on the road, he decides to go out with the team to a club.  Something he rarely does.
     He had tried to call Lily but there was no answer.  She blew up his phone after sending a text saying he was going out with the guys.  He didn’t answer.  When he got back to the hotel he calls.  She is beyond not happy it is past midnight Vegas time.  After a few words and she realizes he’s drunk she hangs up.
     Not good and he knows it.  There will be hell to pay.  He will make it up.  He loves his wife, more than anything.  Lily admits she is still in love with Deke but refuses to live the rest of her life feeling alone.

     I enjoyed this story a lot for a short it carries a punch.  Worth your time.  I give this: 4 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at www.1rad- readerreviews.com.

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