Hockey’s New Wave

HOCKEY'S NEW WAVE                           CHRIS PETERS

From Connor McDavid in Edmonton to Auston Matthews in Toronto, the hottest young hockey players are already tearing up the ice. With their amazing skill and unique playing styles, these stars are bringing new life to the sport and some of its most famous teams, and they’re only just getting started.

Hockey’s New Wave gives readers a front-row seat to this transition from one generation to the next, with pages full of information about these players, where they came from, and what makes them stand out. Engaging text, fact boxes, and action photographs bring readers close to the action and will prepare you to cheer on the biggest sports stars for years to come.


For the hockey fan, this book is a short guide to some of the new young hockey stars over the few years. The author gives a short bio, some stats and also if they played in college or elsewhere before their pro career. A really good book to see Connor McDavid, Jake Guentzel, Rasmus Dahlin, Jack Eichel, Charlie McAvoy to name a few. You also get a list of records in the back of the book. Overall a very good book for any hockey fan I would think and a quick read.

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