SLOW BURN                                        J.H. CROIX

I put out fires for a living. I can take some heat. But Maisie drives me crazy. She’s smart-mouthed, sarcastic and argumentative.

This town’s too small for both of us. But she works for me. Unfortunately. It’s a big no-no for me to want her.

She's brash and beautiful and tempts me beyond distraction. There are different kinds of fire, and this one will make her melt.

There’s only one problem: this fire might be too hot for both of us.

*This is a full-length standalone romance with a guaranteed happily-ever-after.


     I love these characters.  I fell in love with them in “Burn For Me” that being able to read their completed story has been truly fun.  So, worth it.  I was able to get it for free one day on Amazon.
     I want to read about Lucy and Levi so I will break down and buy that book.  Tells you how much I enjoy Croix’s writing and her easy storytelling.
     Maisie is an interesting character.  She is like a prickly pear.  She comes with a lot of baggage that she got from her wandering father who by the way could keep a woman he did usefully after her mother passed.  She was more her father’s caregiver than the other way around.
     Making her realize at a very young age that with all the moving friendships weren’t worth it because her dad would rip her away again to reestablish herself again.  So, she learns o rely only on her and her alone, no one else.
     She comes to Alaska to be with her Grandma during her last two weeks of her life and she starts meeting all kinds of people.  Two years later she’s been working and her water heater goes out.  Beck her secret crush offers to help.
     But it’s on the same day as her most embarrassing moment since meeting him.  She says, yes to his help she can not be choosey.  Her best answer yet.
     Beck is so happy.  He’s been crushing for the last two years too.  So, that “Thank You” from her along with the smile meant the world to him.  After working and they had their first kiss this story heats up.
     Poor Beck’s flirtatious ways of the past are what seem to keep snagging them up.  She feels less than being a curvy girl who doesn’t wear makeup and who has out of control curly hair.  All the things Beck loves about her more. 
     You will love this couple as well as the cast of characters in Willow Brook, Alaska.  I give this: 5 ++++ stars.  Free on Amazon. 

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