THE ESCORT                                      HARMONY RAINES

Part of a Series - Contains Cliffhangers

Successful curvy girl Max has an important charity dinner to go to, organized by the banking firm she works for. A thing she dreads every year because she never has a date.

But this year she isn't going alone.

When her best friend suggests hiring an escort for the evening, somehow she agrees. She soon realizes it's a mistake, but a surprise encounter with a work colleague means she can't back out.

Adamant there will be no "extras" involved, Max is shocked to find herself falling for him, despite reminding herself none of it is real.

However, when the evening ends, and business is over, he tells her he wants her. In his bed.

But Max soon finds out he's not what he seems. The real question becomes; who is he, and what exactly does he want from her?

Book one of a three-part series. With cliffhangers.
Suitable for adults only.

This is a cliffhanger but it does tell that from the get-go.  Being talked about at the water cooler is never fun.  But to be in a management position and still not get any respect is so hurtful.  For Max, it is a double whammy.
     One, you have the good old boy network at play.  Two she works twice as hard and twice long days and gets none of the perks they do.  You know the gulf dates, drinks, dinners, etc.… Or could it be the same as the water cooler gossip about her weight issues?  Betting in this case if she would be bringing a man to the work charity dinner it might be different.
     Well, her friend Robin comes up with this whole scheme to have her meet an escort that she has used before.  She said that way she could go and not be unattended.  That Drake would go by any story you wanted.  So, she goes to meet this Drake the day before but he says he rather go by Dan.  She thought it odd but okay.
     He was nice, sexy, and not anyone would believe it would go for her.  When she was about to call it all off a guy from work that she dislikes comes by their table and makes a fuss, saying mean and hurtful things.  So, now Dan is a go. 
     The date doesn’t end at dinner it goes on with, dancing.  She has a blast. The charity the next day goes off well.  It’s after where a problem occurs. 

     The getting to know one another hits a snag.  You won’t find out about a HEA in this book for this is a cliffhanger.  I give this: 3 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at 

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