THIS TIME AROUND (The Bennett's Bastards Series #2)

THIS TIME AROUND                    JENNIE KEW     

Jane Melville has done some very stupid things in her life. Having an open sexual relationship with someone who turned out to be a thieving con man and left her standing at the altar—pregnant and penniless—was one of the worst. With her dreams of owning her own catering business down the drain and the prospect of working at her family's patisserie for the rest of her life looking more and more likely, Jane is determined to make the most of her misfortunes. After all, things could be worse. Her baby daddy might have turned out to be the con man instead of the tall, brooding lawyer, Rafael Bennett. But just because she's willing to have a baby with the man doesn't mean she has to like him.

Rafe Bennett's life has been one of responsibility and heartache. A long time ago, he was forced to give up the girl of his dreams, then made to bear the brunt of her anger for his trouble. In the years since, he has shared his bed with Jane Melville more times than he can count, snatching moments of erotic bliss whenever he can, but when she chose to marry someone else, Rafe walked away for good. Or so he thought. When fate thrusts Jane back into his life—complete with a baby on board—Rafe seizes the opportunity with both hands. He lost her once and never truly got her back, but he's determined to change their fate. He knows in his heart that with a little persuasion and a whole lot of cake, everything will be different this time around!


Second chance stories are the best when it has a real story to unfold. This one does for sure and so much more. I will admit at times I thought, “Should I have read the first one because I feel like I’m missing something.” I think not.

Although, I would have had a better handle on all the family members and their partners. Not to mention maybe some backstory, maybe only a little. I must say, the author does a rather good job of catching you up. At just about the time you start to question what you missed from the past.

When it opens Rafe and Janie is in a tryst, Janie not knowing it is to be their last because they had been each other’s crutch for sixteen years, but now she was getting married. A line Rafe chooses not to cross. Both, madly in love with each other, but too stubborn to be the first to admit it or say it.

She finds out she’s pregnant a few days before. Not a problem, because the wedding is days away but she needs to talk to Rafe, to no response. So, on the day of her wedding before walking to her groom, not Rafe.

She is sitting at the church dressed, only to find out not her fiancĂ© not coming. He’s running off with another woman, and he cleaned out her large bank account.

Such a good story of family, faith in their love, their family gives in backing their play, small-minded craziness, a mystery, laughter of angst amongst their siblings, and more. I would continue reading this series. I give this; 5+++ stars. Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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