LOVE CHAOS: Roommate up for Grabs

LOVE CHAOS                                      UTE JACKLE

Making a fool of myself in front of the hottest guy on campus? Check!
Then getting stuck as roommates with the same hottie? Check!
Being completely humiliated by him on the very first night? Also check!

When Luca gets kicked out by her cheating ex-boyfriend, she's assigned to share a dorm suite with the biggest player on campus.

Ben Nowak isn't just brazen, he is brazenly sexy. A jerk with an irresistible smile that gets him whatever he wants. Luca might find him charming if everything he said didn't make her blood boil!

Surviving this semester means ignoring her new roomie, his stupid sexy smirk, and his constant string of casual hookups. It's the perfect plan. Until one night a mix-up lands Luca in Ben's bedroom– and he sets her heart racing for completely different reasons…

Love Chaos has been hailed by booksellers as “incredibly funny and captivating.”


Where to start with this book, that fills you with so many emotions as your reading. Yes, there are triggers in this book, she will tell of a physical sexual trauma not in detail just her experience, still tissues. So, beware if that is one. They do talk about a lot Ben’s one and done and MO. There is only one graphic scene but not overly toward the end. This now ends my PSA.

Jackle is a new author to me, incredibly talented, and quite funny. Yet, along with humor, the ability to weave a tale and string you along in such a colorful ride. The whole time the characters themselves are filled with mischief and cutting wit without malice although at times it may feel like it. Yet, each one both Luca and Ben is racked with demons from their past. We are taken on a wild, sexually charged, the banter of magnetic proportion.

This is the story of Ben and Luca two college seniors who live in Germany. It focuses on the mixup that happens when they put Luca in an apartment at the college with two guys, Ben and Toby. Toby at times has a fashion model girlfriend who is staying with him, Ellen. Ellen is the stir stick of the bunch. She really doesn’t like Ben at all. So, when Luca is coming in off a bad relationship, off men, & meeting Ben under odd circumstances prior to move in. She is the perfect target to bring over to Ellen’s way of thinking.

You see, Ben tends to bring a different woman home every night, he’s a jokester, and she also finds out is a food bandit. Being gluten-free due to health reasons it’s not easy for her. She's not hard to convince. She doesn’t know however that there are qualities he keeps hidden to protect himself. Read Ben and Luca’s journey as they walk through the depths of hell, sexual banter, hurt feelings, and revealed secrets. As they find relief of not living in fear when friends help friends, see how trust can be built out of misconceptions, and asking for what you want can sometimes bring your biggest rewards in life.

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