STROKE OF LUCK                             OPAL CAREW

Getting cheated on and left with a hotel bill that costs more than she makes in a year was not a part of the plan when Riana came to Las Vegas to marry her wealthy fiancé. Her plans also didn’t include getting bailed out of this horrible situation by Quinn, the ex-boyfriend she hadn’t planned to see ever again. For Quinn, Riana was the one that got away and he’s never gotten over her, no matter how successful he became.
Riana insists on paying Quinn back, so he makes her an offer—spend the next month with him and his business partner Austin while they’re on vacation. It’s clear to him that Austin is attracted to her, too, and Quinn’s always liked the idea of sharing a woman with him. It’s something that Riana wants to do, and after a few glasses of champagne—only enough to stop denying herself what she wants—she voices her desire to be with both men.
But as the month comes to an end, Riana has to face the reality she’s falling for Quinn and Austin…and the possibility that one crazy night in Vegas could cost her one—or both—men.
April is in Vegas to marry her longtime boyfriend of two years, Maurice. It is the night before the wedding and she can’t find him. When she does, he hunched over another woman turning to yell at her to get the hell out. That was a man she didn’t know this meek woman only knew a refined wealthy, for the most part, spoiled man. She runs to their suite locking herself in and breaks.

He is irate pounding & yelling to afraid to open it she tells him to go to hell. In the morning she awakes to hotel security escorting her out while the packed her up and handing her a massive bill. This millionaire had stiffed her for everything plus more it will make your mouth drop.

This is not your normal ménage, well it is in that yes there is erotic crazy sex yet, there is an interesting and rather complex second chance romance plus one. You see Quinn could never stop loving April although he would never in this lifetime admit that not even to business partner & best friend Austin. His problem with April he never got over she left him a poor student for a rich guy.

This particular morning sees her sitting with security trying now to avoid his eyes he cannot turn his back if she’s in need. He shores himself up against her womanly ways because he knows he still loves her before he asks how he can help. Without blinking he does because today he’s richer than Maurice could only wish to be. Yet, Quinn does do it, he always her to see his bitterness.

He takes her to lunch but before he lets her know Austin is off-limits, he will not allow her to take advantage of him with her gold-digging ways. Figuring her ex got wise to her. When Austin and she meet they hit it off. They are both gentle souls filled with genuine kinds and joy for life, unlike someone who is bitter.

These three form a bond although it is unique and dysfunctional through past hurts, leaving trust issues. Opal gives them room for them each grows individually. You get Quinn your brooding alpha, Austin your kind heart man who wears it on his sleeve. Both very giving and good men. Then, April who has lived has lived a hard life looking only for simple everyday things yet, the two men she tried to love, have left her broken, empty, and alone.

See how this can be turned around. This for sure an 18+ read. I give this: 5 stars. Provide by Follow us at

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