THE SEAL'S BEAUTIFUL NANNY (The Admiral's Seals #2)


Former Navy SEAL Colin Vale is looking for a woman. Not just any woman, though. He wants one who will be a good mother to his adopted daughter, Sofia. Someone steady and reliable who will give Sofia the kind of stable, happy childhood he didn’t have. That woman is not Lily Rhodes, Sofia’s new nanny—a free spirit whose top priority is chasing her dreams. But despite Lily not checking off any of the marks for what he wants, Colin can’t fight his attraction to her. To Colin, who thrives on regimentation, Lily’s priorities seem utterly alien. So why does he find her whimsical nature so darned appealing? Even while he goes out on a series of dates to find the perfect wife and mother, he can’t stop thinking about Lily…

As the oldest of eight children, Lily’s early life was full of responsibility and expectations. The last thing she wants is to settle down before she has a chance to explore, to live. That doesn’t mean she isn’t wildly attracted to Colin, though. How could any red-blooded woman not be attracted to a man like him? He’s the hottest guy she’s ever met and a loving father to Sofia… but this gig as a nanny is temporary, just a way to make money until she can do what her heart truly wants. The problem is, the longer she stays, the more her heart is turning in another direction—and that scares the daylights out of her. She doesn’t want to be tied down, yet how can she even think of leaving?

So when she’s offered an opportunity that would bring her time with Colin and Sofia to an end, Lily is forced to make a life-altering decision and decide what her dreams truly are.


This is the story of Colin and Lily two people who find each other due to interesting circumstances.  You see both come from backgrounds that stifled them but were allowed and given new starts.

For Lily, she permits herself a new start after deciding to leave teaching after a bad situation.  Not to mention growing up the eldest and always being the one relied on to be the next parent in line.  A responsibility too much for any kid.

Not to mention a father who ruled with an iron thumb, told what was good for her, school to attend, career to have, interest, etc.…. never allowing her the freedom to be a child let alone an adult.

Then, you have anal Colin a Navy SEAL. A perfect place for a man with ADD.  A non-descript straight and narrow home Lily knew when she walked in and it was all white, she had her work cut out for her.  She had met her father’s match. 

Yet, there was one particularly important and big difference.  Colin does care and love his daughter Sofia and does worry about her happiness.  He is willing to and be messy dirty to see her smile.

What he’s enjoying is knowing that she now has a beautiful sexy caring loving woman to care for her.  Wait No!  As he keeps having to remind himself.  She is only there to be the nanny.  She’s a temp and he shouldn’t be noticing her looks.  Yet, notice he does.

The chemistry and dynamics of the mini family are sweet and yet, there is an element of suspense.  There is someone stalking Lily, although she has no clue they are.  See Colin’s world now has color in it with Lily in their orbit.  She brings passion to everything she does.  And meaning to their lives.

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