ARREST MY LOVE                                            JESSICA HOLLY

You can't run away from true love.

Natalie Vega is a young teacher running away from her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Dean O'Brian is an alpha, bad boy cop who wants to protect her.

They both are running away from something, but they cannot run away from each other.

* This is a short, stand-alone clean romance with no cliff-hangers. It is a new sweet new adult college romance novel in a HEA series *


When you live in fear you will do whatever it takes to protect yourself from the danger that lurks. The worst part is she knew this danger personally and was even engaged to him until he could not keep his angry hands away from her. Then, one day, she mustards up the nerves to leave him then, the unthinkable he starts stalking her. Until she starts running from place to place. Now, she’s in a whole other state doing a much lower paying job than what she went to school for just to stay off his radar.

Little did Natalie know her first day on the job, she would met an unruly little girl who starts yelling for her dad. As she tries to quite the girl, praying the teacher comes back soon since, she knows none of the children by name yet. So, they are out of control. When a police officer comes in with a smirk. Meet, Dean. When Little Miss I want my daddy wrapped walks up to him and says, “Daddy.” Natalie wants to hide under a rock. He does tell his daughter she knows better than to behave this way and will not be acting out again, she does nod.

He looks around the classroom and starts telling the children what they are to be doing in no uncertain tone. The children do it too. Natalie is upset, he is over stepping. When they step out to speak about it he asks her to coffee. This is a cute read. This is about sweet fun and move fast from here. I think you will enjoy it. I found it when it was free on Amazon. 

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