What happens when you fall in love with a rock star?

Ariana isn't a fan of celebrities, but she is a fan of Cruise Control. The night she attends a charity event with her aunt and meets rock star, Gabriel Knight, sets in motion a rollercoaster ride that is out of her control.

Hiding her struggling self-esteem behind a wall of privacy, Ariana risks it all and joins the group on their first tour as the lead singer’s new sweetheart.

But when she’s suddenly thrust into the wild world of a rock star, the sour taste of the limelight could be their undoing.

Will life in the fast lane ruin Ariana’s chance at true love?

The Album is the first book in the electric Cruise Control romance series. If you like sudden, steamy relationships, taking big risks, and the lives of the rich and famous, then you’ll adore Sian Ceinwen’s debut novel.

The Album can be purchased here:

He smiled and stood up, as well. He made a show of taking off his T-shirt. Ariana would have complained that he would at least have something dry to put on later while she would be completely drenched, except that she enjoyed the view too much as his muscled form stalked towards the edge of the pool.

“So, do you work out a lot?” she asked Gabriel after he had joined her in the water.
Ariana could feel an ache between her thighs, and her breathing increased as she watched him. The silk fabric of her dress was clinging to her, and her nipples were hard against her lace bra.
“Yeah, a bit. I use it as my time to zone out and get away from everything, plus I find the ladies tend to like the muscles.” He winked at her, and this time she was sure he was flirting.
“I thought you didn’t like groupies?” She stuck her tongue out at him; being in the water and so utterly turned on had definitely loosened her inhibitions.
“Not all women are groupies or even fans,” he told her.
“Trust me, after your tour, pretty much everyone will be a groupie, or at the very least a fan. Your album is amazing.”
“You flatter me.”
“I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true,” she told him.
They were silent for a minute as they were treading water. Music floated on the air to them from the house and mixed with the sounds of the water lapping against the sides of the pool and the water feature trickling away.
“Where do you get the inspiration for your music?” Ariana asked.
“Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?” He parried.
“Fair call. How soon will you begin working on your new album?” Ariana had always been curious about this timeframe.
“I’ll probably work on it during the tour, so we’re ready to record by the time the tour ends. Sadly, these days the record labels mostly just care about output. They don’t put any time or effort into acts anymore. If you can’t produce sales, you’re fucked.”
“That must be a lot of pressure. Do you write all the songs yourself?”
“I write most of the lyrics, sometimes the music as well, but a lot of the time we collaborate with each other to write a song. I excel at lyrics if I do say so myself. I want my songs to mean something to the person listening to them, as well as to myself. I don’t even care if they get the same meaning out of it that I do, just that it means something. Does that make sense?”
“It sure does,” she said, smiling at him. “I often wonder if what I think the song means is the same as what it means to the artist.”
“You’ll never know,” he replied with a wink, “unless you can catch them to ask!”
With that, he swam quickly away from her, and she followed as fast as she could. She was a fairly good swimmer, but he managed to outstrip her easily, despite the fact that his jeans had to be slowing him down. When he reached the deep end of the pool, he turned and watched her swimming towards him, but as soon as she got almost close enough to touch him, he pushed off quickly in the other direction. Ariana turned herself around and swam towards the shallow end. She pushed herself to swim faster, and, as they got near the end, he slowed down as she sped up. It was only a few seconds before she was able to reach out and grab his foot.
“I got you!” she cried, like a child playing tag.
He stopped completely, and she lost her grip on his foot but kept moving forward, suddenly finding herself in his grasp.
“Who’s got who?” he asked while smirking.
Ariana’s heart thrummed in her chest, and she couldn’t answer. They were both panting with exertion as he continued to hold her in his arms for a second or two longer than was comfortable, or appropriate, for two near-strangers.
She was overwhelmed by how good it felt being held in his arms, and she wanted to stay here forever. She wanted to wrap her legs around his waist and be as close to him as she possibly could. She wanted to feel him deep inside her and experience all the carnal pleasure she sensed he could offer her.
“I should probably get back,” Ariana said huskily, ignoring her body’s pull towards him. “It’s getting late, and my aunt might be wondering where I got to.”
She felt utterly disappointed when her words broke the spell, and Gabriel released her immediately.
“Of course, I didn’t mean to…” Gabriel stammered, “that is to say that…”
He trailed off, and they got out of the pool in awkward silence. Ariana shivered as the cool night air hit her body. Perhaps swimming in their clothes hadn’t been such a stellar idea after all. Her wet dress was clinging to her body, and she felt incredibly exposed as Gabriel ran his gaze over her. While she enjoyed his gaze, she wasn’t sure how good she’d feel parading around like this in front of anyone else.
“I’ll just go get our stuff.”
He gestured towards his shirt and their shoes on the deck chairs down the other end of the pool, and she nodded while shivering. As he walked away from her, she couldn’t help admiring his physique. It was amazing how, in the last hour, he had gone from the amazing, unobtainable rock star Gabriel Knight to Gabe, the handsome, friendly guy who quizzed her on her life plans. When he bent to pick up their items, she smiled as she thought just how good he looked in those wet jeans. He put on his shirt as he walked back to her, and they headed back towards the main building, her shoes dangling from her right hand.
“This garden is absolutely beautiful,” she said aloud.
“It is beautiful, and so are you.”
She blushed, but didn’t know what to say to that, and changed the topic.
“So you’re going on your first tour, how do you feel about that?”
“Equal parts excited and completely petrified.”
He had seemed at home on stage and in front of an audience tonight, so his answer surprised Ariana. She couldn’t understand how this amazing man who performed so well could possibly ever be scared of going on tour.
“What part of it scares you?”
“Well, firstly, I’m told that most of the concerts have sold out, which is great for a first tour, but what if everyone hates us, live?”
“They won’t. Next problem?”
“How do you know?”
He sounded like a little boy asking his mommy if the kids will be nice to him on his first day of school.
“I’ve seen you live, remember? Your performance tonight was fantastic, and you light up on stage, I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Next problem?” she repeated her question.
“If you’re sure,” he said, looking pleased with himself. “I guess the only other big thing is being away from home for months on end. Living out of a suitcase and sleeping in a different bed every night.”
“You must not be getting enough action if you’re not sleeping in a different bed every night!” she said cheekily, and he laughed.
“I guess I’m not. Why? Are you offering?”
He winked at her, and she felt a tingle of excitement from her head to her toes. She shivered as she remembered that moment in the pool and what could easily have happened if they’d stayed in there any longer.
“I think you’ve mistaken me for a groupie. I’m not that kind of girl,” she scolded him playfully.
“Believe me—” he looked her over again “—I haven’t mistaken who you are, sweetheart.”
They reached the house just then and headed into the ballroom to find the party still in full swing. Her aunt was looking for her, though, and when they walked in, she gaped at them in their sodden state.
“Ariana? Are you okay? I was wondering where you were. Why are you wet?” her aunt exclaimed.
“I’m fine, Aunt Susan,” she told her, “we just decided to go for a bit of a swim.”
“Well, that’s just great.” Her aunt sounded annoyed. “I’m ready to leave, and I have to be honest, I’m not thrilled about you sitting on the leather seats in the Porsche with wet clothes.”
“I’m sorry, it just happened,” Ariana said, sincerely.
As she caught Gabriel’s glance, though, they both had to hold back laughter.
“Goodbye, Gabe,” she said, “it was lovely to meet you.”
“It was great meeting you too, Ariana.” His smile was affectionate as she turned away from him.
She and her aunt headed out to the parking area. Aunt Susan handed the valet her ticket, and they waited for the car to be brought around. Just as her aunt’s silver Porsche appeared in sight, she heard her name being called.
“Ariana, wait!”
She smiled as she turned to see Gabriel coming towards her.
“What’s up?” she asked as he arrived in front of her, panting.
“I just wanted to know if you want to go out on Friday?” he asked between breaths.
“I thought you had a worldwide tour to be getting on with?”
“It doesn’t start for another month and a half, Friday’s only this week!”
Ariana hesitated for a moment. He was great, and she wanted so badly to just say yes, but his life was full of all of the trappings of celebrity, and she knew that was a dangerous path to travel down.
Their eyes caught, and she was surprised by the electric shock that traveled through her. She was overwhelmed with a desire to be with him and ached to feel his touch again. In his eyes, she could also see his concern that she was about to reject him.
“Okay, sure, why not,” she said against her better judgment and smiled at him.
They exchanged phone numbers, and a slightly awkward goodbye before Ariana got into the passenger seat of her aunt’s car. Her phone buzzed, and she looked at it to see a text from Gabriel.
I can’t wait to see you again.
She texted back quickly.
Me either. Tonight was awesome. Thanks!
Ariana relaxed back into the seat and found that she really didn’t give a damn about the leather.

Marrying a rock star. It's harder than you think.
Heather York's life was a complete breeze. Sure, she was working herself to the bone on her recently launched a fashion line, Serenity, in preparation for its debut at New York Fashion Week.
Yes, her boyfriend, Harrison Fletcher, did happen to be one of the world's most famous rock stars. Oh, and he had also just proposed which meant that she had a star-studded celebrity wedding to plan now.
Did she mention that her ex-best friend, Ariana Chamberlain, had just walked back into their lives after cutting them all off completely two years ago?
No, her life wasn't complicated at all.

and The Wedding can be purchased here:

“Wait until you see the studio,” Harrison’s voice was still husky, and she could tell he was trying to get control of his own arousal, “it’s amazing.”
“How has the process been, now that you have the freedom to do whatever you want?”
“It’s been pretty epic,” he turned and smiled at her as he said it, she didn’t think his face had ever looked so kissable, she was so fucking horny right now, “the other night, Gabriel woke up at two and went into the studio and wrote the most amazing song. We could never have gotten it the same without that flexibility to act on it, in the moment.”
They reached the end of the hallway, and there was a door that Harrison held open for her to walk through so she could head down the set of stairs that was behind it.
“Wait? Were you all up at two in the morning?” she asked him with a laugh.
They reached the bottom of the stairs and continued down another corridor, lit with recessed lights in the ceiling above them and with promotional photos of Cruise Control hanging on the walls. She could see another door on their right, about halfway down the corridor.
“Yeah, Seb wasn’t thrilled when Gabriel went to wake him, but once we started working, he was just as excited as the rest of us.”
“You guys are crazy!”
“Because I’ve never woken up in the middle of the night to see you sketching whatever design came to you at the time?” He raised an eyebrow at her, and she poked her tongue out at him, as he pushed open the door they’d just reached and let her walk through it in front of him.
Hayden was in this room in front of what appeared to be a rocket ship’s control panel, but which Heather knew was almost certainly just recording equipment. Through a glass window, Heather could see Gabriel and Sebastian sitting at a piano, side on to them. They were laughing as Gabriel played the same four bars of music over and over, each time singing an alternate line for the song, but every option was more ridiculous than the last, and Sebastian was laughing at him.
Hayden looked up as she and Harrison entered the room. He came over and gave her a hug, “Hey, Heather!”
“Hi, darling. How have you been?”
“Great! You found the place okay, then?” Hayden asked her.
“It’s a bit hard to miss, isn’t it?” she said with a wry grin at him.
“No kidding,” he laughed before he leaned over to press a button in front of him and announced, “they’re here, guys!”
Both the men in the booth looked up, smiled at them all, and headed out of the studio, into the control room.
“My, lover is here!” Sebastian announced with a grin, coming over to give her a hug. “So glad to see your face, sexy.”
“Thanks, Seb.” She smiled genuinely at him. “How come nobody told me you’d built a fucking castle out here?”
“Only the best for you, princess. Ooh, is that better than ‘lover’?” he wondered aloud.
“You could just go with ‘Heather’,” Hayden suggested.
“Blasphemy!” Sebastian said dramatically.
He walked away, and Gabriel came towards Heather. She was nervous to see him; they’d texted here and there since her show, but she hadn’t seen him since her engagement party. He was smiling at her, though; this was a good sign.
“Hi, Heather,” he directed this at Sebastian, and everyone laughed.
“Hey, darling. It’s so good to see you.” She stepped forward and hugged him tightly.
“So, what are you guys working on?” she asked them as she took a seat next to Sebastian on a black leather sofa against the wall that backed on to the corridor behind them.
“Would you believe me if I said ‘music’?” Sebastian asked her dryly.
“No? ‘Music,’ you say?” She turned to him, a pensive look on her face, “Tell me more. Is this something you’ve just discovered?”
“Oh, yes,” he nodded at her, seriously, “so, it turns out there are these things called ‘instruments’, and they make different sounds.”
“Wow, how fascinating. I’m surprised no one’s ever thought of this before.”
“Look, we were shocked, too. It’s pretty new and different, but we think it could be big.” His eyes widened at his apparent discovery and wonder at the possibilities it entailed.
“Well, I wish you the very best of luck with that. I’m sure it’ll catch on.”
“If you two are finished,” Hayden interrupted their ridiculous conversation, and they finally broke character to burst into laughter, “maybe if we finish this song, we could take a break.”
“You want me to take a break, don’t you, Heather?” Harrison raised an eyebrow at her, meaningfully, and immediately a rush of lust hit her.
“Yes, yes, I do. Go forth, my music men! Discover new worlds and let me fuck my fiancĂ©!”

Sleep with a rock star, they said. It'll be fun, they said.
Lita Ciccone just wanted to meet her favorite band. She had no interest in tangling with sexy guitarist, Sebastian Fox, whose favorite past time is groupies.
Then she meets him. He's smart, he's funny, and he calls her princess. Suddenly, she understands why so many women fall at his feet, because that's exactly what she wants to do.
They spend one amazing night together, and their contraception fails. Now, Lita is facing a life tied to the world's biggest player.
Sebastian is sexy as sin, but can she really raise a baby with him?

The Baby is not currently available for pre-sale, as it’s not out until the 17th of November 2020.

They took the elevator down to the lobby, it was six-fifty-five now. In five minutes’, time she would get to meet Cruise Control.
“Here we go,” Lita said as the elevator pinged to let them know that they’d reached the lobby, “here’s hoping I don’t puke on them when we meet!”
They were both laughing as the elevator doors opened and they exited it into the lobby. Lita saw them, immediately. The guys from Cruise Control had already arrived. They were sitting in chairs near the elevator, waiting for them. Her laughter died immediately, as her nerves returned at once, they were all magnificent in person.
The band sat there as though they owned the place, looking completely and utterly comfortable with themselves and uncaring of the attention they were attracting from other hotel guests in the lobby. Lita could see Phoebe, over at the check-in desk, maintaining a very professional attitude, but still looking at Cruise Control surely more than she would look at any other guest that had been sitting there.
Every one of them sported an amazing physique that spoke of hours spent in the gym to create it. Gabriel had blond hair and blue eyes; he reminded Lita a lot of Thor. While the other three were all dark-haired; Harrison and Hayden with brown hair and eyes, but Sebastian had bright blue eyes that were at odds with his black hair.
Lita tried to regulate her breathing as she walked towards them. She looked over at Becky, who looked completely and utterly besotted right now. God, is that how she looked, herself? She cringed, internally, but then figured that it didn’t matter. These guys knew how gorgeous they were, surely.
They reached the group and Gabriel smiled up at them. “Hi, does one of you happen to be Lita?”
“Were you thinking of meeting some other band tonight?” Sebastian drawled at her from next to Gabriel.
Lita caught his gaze and felt sparks of electricity shoot through her from head to toe. She couldn’t look away from him, just stared into his gorgeous blue eyes, as he reached a hand out towards her.
“Sebastian Fox,” he said.
Lita looked at his hand, then with some trepidation, she reached her own hand out to shake his. At once, she found herself overwhelmed with a feeling she recognized as lust. She wanted this man in a bed with her, right now.
She forced herself to breathe as their handshake ended, and he let go of her hand. Well, shit, that was how he did it. Once Lita had moved on to greet Harrison and was no longer looking at Sebastian, she was able to remember all of the reasons that he was dangerous.
After greeting Harrison, Lita finally reached the band member she’d been most excited and nervous to meet; Hayden was sitting in an armchair next to Harrison and he smiled up at her.
“Hi, Lita, I’m Hayden.”
She smiled back at him, as she shook his hand.
“Why don’t you take a seat with us, for a minute?” Lita heard Sebastian say from behind her. “We’ll talk about the plans for tonight.”
Lita turned to face him, and he was indicating to a space between himself and Gabriel on the sofa they were sitting on. She blinked at him, unable to respond, immediately.
“Um, sure. Make sense,” she finally managed to say, as she moved back towards him.
Lita had the strangest feeling come over her, it was as though she was walking into a trap. Alarm bells were calling at her to signal danger, but she ignored them and sat down where he’d indicated.
She couldn’t look at Sebastian, again, so she looked over at Harrison and Hayden, instead. A luxury that sitting next to Sebastian afforded her, was not having to look at him. Lita’s breathing was still shallow, though. She was completely and utterly aware of his presence in the space next to her on the sofa.
Becky had taken a seat next to Harrison on the sofa that he was sitting on and, thankfully, her friend had apparently managed to keep her head because she asked, “so what are our plans for the evening?”
“We didn’t want to just plan this without asking what you guys wanted to do,” Hayden told her with a smile, “obviously, we’re taking you to dinner, first. After that, we can go to a club for some drinks or we could find something else to do if you’re not interested in clubbing.”
“We should play pool,” Sebastian said, casually, from next to her and Lita whipped her head around to face him.
“For real?” She grinned with excitement.
Sebastian turned his head to look at her, and as their eyes met, she felt it again. The force of his physical presence was overwhelming her. He was looking at her with open curiosity, and she watched as his eyes roamed over her body, down to her feet, then back up again. Lita could have sworn that he was touching her, his gaze felt so intense. Then he smiled, and she couldn’t breathe at all.
“Yes, for real, do you want to?”
He was looking in her eyes, again. She groped around in her brain for a response to his question. Her brain was helpfully supplying an alternative meaning to his question, one where he was asking her for sex, instead. Finally, she accessed the neural pathways required to respond appropriately.
“Absolutely,” she forced a smile to meet his, and hoped that it looked more natural than it felt, “I love playing pool.”
Sebastian finally looked away from her, and Lita found herself wanting to pant to catch her breath. He laughed, and she thought that the sound might be the most erotic sound she’d ever heard.
“Well, that’s two votes for pool, then. Does anyone else want to play with Lita and me?”
She almost moaned when Sebastian said her name. What the fuck had happened to her brain in the last five minutes? Lita was sensible, she was smart. Too smart to get wet for Sebastian Fox, that’s for sure. She was horrified by her body’s reaction to him and looked over at Hayden. He smiled back at her and she felt…absolutely nothing. Just a polite happiness to meet him.
“You know that I always enjoy playing pool.” Hayden smiled.
“Lord knows, why,” Harrison said with a roll of his eyes, “what about you, Becky?”
“Oh, there’s nothing more enjoyable than playing pool with Lita,” Becky said, dryly, “but if everyone else wants to play…” she trailed off with a shrug of her shoulders.
This comment was enough to draw Sebastian’s attention back to Lita and, God knew, she could not handle the force of it. She wished that Becky had kept her mouth shut.
“You obviously like to play a lot, then?” He raised an eyebrow at her.
Why the fuck did everything that he said sound like it had a sexual undertone? Probably, because it did. Probably, because Sebastian Fox was pretty much sex incarnate, it turned out.
“Yeah, I play whenever I get the chance. It’s fun.” she managed to reply.
She ignored Becky’s snort at the way she was playing down her skill at the game. Lita had grown up with a pool table in their family home. She’d been playing since she was so young that she needed to stand on a stool to see the table and take her shots.
Sebastian threw an arm around her shoulders, far too casually, and said, “I think we’re going to be great friends, Lita.”
His hand seared her skin through her jacket, she could feel the pressure of it on her arm, as he pulled her into him for a hug. Lita’s body pressed up against his side, and she couldn’t stop her face from tilting up towards his. It occurred wildly to Lita, as Sebastian looked down at her, that he might kiss her. Their faces were so close now, she could imagine that to anyone who saw them, they would look as close as lovers.
Lita didn’t know if he’d had the same thought, but Sebastian certainly removed his arm from around her very quickly. He stood up abruptly, before announcing to them all, “well, let’s go eat, then. The faster we eat, the faster I can kick people’s asses at the pool.”
Lita swallowed heavily, able to breathe again, but the empty space where he’d been sitting until a moment ago felt terrible. She wanted him back next to her, she realized. Everyone else was standing, now, so Lita stood as well, and followed the band towards the entrance of the hotel.

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