UNTAMED COWBOY                         K.C. CROWNE                                              

Logan was always the cowboy of my dreams.
The problem was he was also my older brother’s best friend.

My parents took him in years ago.
And I was that awkward girl...
Obsessed with the older hunk living under the same roof.

But then he left town to pursue a career as a world-famous bull rider.

Now, he's back like a dust storm ready to shatter my world.
He tells me I'm all grown up and just the woman for him.

Will I regret letting my inhibitions go and giving the cowboy of my dreams a real chance?

Or will we rid into the sunset just like I've always imagined? I guess there's only one real way to find out.

Note to readers: This is a brother's best friend, older man, cowboy novella and the first book in my Rainbow Canyon Cowboys series. Each book can be read as a standalone. Transport yourself into the charming family ranch in Texas, as we follow five rugged cowboys in their quests to find lasting love on the picturesque and charming countryside.


Emily grew up with four brothers, three older and one younger. Then, there is Logan. Silas, her eldest brother’s best friend. There is fifteen years difference between her and him. It never stopped her from crushing on him and neither did her curves.

When she was a teen, she hated her curves. Because her soft squishy curves never got Logan to look at her. At least not the way he did the girls that were no good for him. But when he left the ranch to go on the rodeo circuit to be a bull rider, she thought he was gone for good.

Now, at twenty-nine, he’s back. With his eyes locked and loaded on her. He knows curves like hers are what he likes and hers. And she feels like home. He needs to convince her and break it to the family. Easy-peasy.

This was a fun short read. I give this: 5 stars. I found this free on Amazon. Follow us at


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