Found My Valentine

 FOUND MY VALENTINE                                  CARLY KEENE

Valentine's just realized A) that her boyfriend's a jerk, and B) she doesn't have to put up with him anymore. Now she's dateless just before Valentine's Day. Funny thing is, she's loving the sudden freedom to be herself.
Garrett's been looking for The One all his life -- or at least since his honorary aunt started pushing him to look. Now she seems to have appeared out of nowhere, at the bar of the Soulless Italian Chain Restaurant they both hate.
When you find the person who's meant to be your lifetime valentine, sometimes you just know.
Standalone short steamy insta-love romance between one strong alpha male and one strong, beautiful, curvy girl. Let the Valentine romance blossom like a bouquet of red roses!


Okay, how can you not love most insta-love reads? Including this for sure. This book just carries a happy feel-good tone throughout. Even when the beautifully voluptuous Valentine dumps her ex- that is cocky, scornful, and childish. For not taking her seriously, discounting all she does in her profession, and for fat-shaming her.

What she didn’t know was that she had an interested party during the floor show right there in the chain restaurant. You see the guy who most might call an Adonis, she had noticed him earlier. When he was leaving the restroom, she was thinking he is gorgeous. He saw her too, but he was with a group and the birthday song started so he couldn’t talk to her. He did return and loved that his curvy girl was giving the guy what for.

When he asks to sit with her at the bar the chemistry is instant. As they are talking he asks what Jason did so he never does it. Although he had eaten he buys her dinner, they are talking about everything they have in common which is a lot. Then before you know it they are heating up the sheets, but this is no one, and done you get a HEA. A book received during July-Aug. giveaways.

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