Daddy Comes Home

 DADDY COMES HOME                                    SUZANNE HART

Something is pulling me back.
Like a magnet.
I am powerless against its force.

Four years ago I left my miserable town and I never went back.
Now, a billion dollars richer I have to return and sift through what I’ve left behind.

Leah Evans. Green eyes, long blond hair.
She wasn’t supposed to be here.
She was supposed to be gone from this place.
Just like me.

I had her once.
We were teenagers then and I am itching to have her again.
But she is avoiding me… she is hiding something.
I can feel it in my bones.

I am determined to find out what she’s keeping from me.


When you find your true love at six and by the eighth grade after admiring to liking Leah, her art, and her brains for so long. Then, that year you figure out she’s going places, therefore telling yourself she’s too talented and far too intelligent for the likes of you. So, rather than feeling inferior or appear less than to her, you ignore her like you don’t even know her.

Being the golden boy, the captain of the basketball team, and the star carries a lot of pressure. He dated the cheerleaders because that is what was expected of him. Although truthfully, he wanted to be dating Leah. No guts no glory, wow, could account for the chip on her shoulder when he bounces back in after so long and no word. Because one drunken night after a party he takes her to his house, his room, and does a hit and quit and skips town two days later.

But yeah she should have divulged her secret to you after so long ago he skips. Not! See how and what happens to make this couple come full circle. Is it real, can she trust him? You’ll need to read to find out. You won’t regret what you did. Received during July-Aug. giveaway.

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