GRIZ                                                               E. CLEVELAND

This fake relationship romance has it all! Funny, awkward moments. The “will they or won’t they”? And so much tension and steam it'll make you sweat! Don’t miss out on the book readers are saying they "inhaled in one day" and they "couldn’t put down!"

One thousand dollars.

I wasn’t supposed to bid at Westbury’s Bachelor Auction. In fact, I was hosting the event when I decided to lean into the microphone and yell out that ridiculous amount.

I blame Bridezilla's stupid text (oops, I mean my sister). It made me lose my mind. I’m pleading for temporary insanity.

Then Griz walked out on stage. He’s one of Westbury’s elite jocks. A hockey boy. A Warrior. He came out looking all tall, dark, and smug-exy. With his broad shoulders, towering height, and hotter than hell face, he was just too perfect. I could just imagine my sister’s face, her jaw on the floor, seeing him in a suit on my arm.

Whew. Is it hot in here or just me?

Bridezilla assumed I wouldn’t need a plus-one for her wedding. Why? Because I’m the curvy girl. The one who never quite measured up against her blonde perfection. My whole life she's made me feel like a red-headed freaking potato and… I dunno, I lost my senses.

Griz will be the perfect fake boyfriend to take to her wedding. I've just got to keep my real feelings in check. It'll be fine. As long as I don’t fall for his intense eyes, his chiseled muscles, or his big teddy-bear smile...

I think I’m in trouble.


This is the first book I’ve read from this author and it won’t be my last if I can help it. The characters were not only fun, funny, and interesting they seem to pull you in right away. They are just relatable and true to life.

Hattie had spent most of her life experiencing being invisible to even her own family who are picture perfect according to media standards leaving her feeling odd man out and isolated being a double-digit in clothing all her life. It is not only that her sister looks exactly like her parents with blonde hair, thin, and tall yet, she is short with flaming red hair. So, dating is hard because she of the mind now that she is on her own she is not changing for any man. She likes herself.

When she spearheads a charity auction and Etta says they should ask the hockey players she seems surprised because she had never thought of them. Now, Etta has several ins to getting them to say yes. You see her brother Griz for Grizzly Bear because he is so big with a beard and tattoos he can look mean on the ice. She also has her boyfriend Gucci on the team too.

Let’s just say when all the guys get together to hear Hattie out Griz and her eyes meet several times. But, Griz has sworn off woman because he is determined to focus on hockey after a scare during Christmas break. But when Hattie bids for him at the auction at way above the highest bid she is even surprised.

All because her bridezilla of sister texts her during the auction confining she doesn’t have a plus one. That is when the madness begins and this big bomb of her assuming not only hurts but pisses her off. Which now kicks it up a notch. The blending of these two characters and Griz being Hattie’s stars to her moon. For the first time, they are most real with each other bringing a whole new level of what real is.

Can’t wait for Blaze’s story that it has not only to follow up on Griz and Hattie but the same level of energy and passion this book does. Received during a book giveaway month different authors. Kindle Unlimited.


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