My Best Friend's Secret Baby (His Secret Baby #15)


I could lose her if I cross that line.
But my best friend is too hot to pass up.

It started years ago at Prom.
Just one night of passion that we never talked about again.
Then it continued every time either of us needed comfort.
I love to feel her in my arms.
Nadia takes the pain away.
I can’t give up the touch of her curvy body or the feel of her skin.
But it only happens sometimes.
Most of the time we’re just friends.
It’s too risky for either of us to take the plunge into more.
I’d hate to lose her friendship if a relationship didn’t work out.
However, as we drive off to be deployed,
the resistance in my heart is breaking down.
I joined the Army to defend my country.
But now I’m learning that Nadia is my whole world.
And that she’s keeping a secret from me that will change it all.

Will pursuing what I really want cause me to lose everything?
Or can we finally move from friendship to romance for good?

My Best Friend’s Secret Baby is a standalone secret baby romance. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!


Nadia and Josh, have been best friends since, middle school. But, in high school, their prom night things become real when they get dumped. By their dates, ending up together. They are in the hotel room, Josh had rented for him his girl, drinking sodas and watching movies. But, when they cozy up to each other, they realize just how good, the other feels.

The next day though, Josh being the typical avoider, acts as if, it never happens. Until, now, after years of being friends. Falling into bed many times, during trying times, in both their lives and sometimes just because. With always the same results, avoidance then back to, their jovial selves.

Now, years have gone by, both have joined the military, together. Both are to leave, on their second, tour and once again, Josh gets shot down, in another relationship. He goes drinking, they call her to pick him up, they bed each other. Now, on the way to the base to deploy, which takes a few, days of driving. Nadia changes the unwritten rule, of avoidance.

Say what? Blowing, Josh out of his mind, and into a panic. This could ruin, their friendship, doesn’t she get it? He ruins, all his relationships? By not talking, he doesn’t get he’s doing, the same thing? See how these, long-time friends, who have caught feelings, while just being benefits, work out their differences.

Enjoyed this (sexually active), just friends couple. It’s funny to see them, really talk in circles yet, see the anger hit the peak, and dissipate. Free on Amazon.

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