(Joe Noose #3)                           

BRANDED                                                    ERIC RED

A new kind of evil has come to the Old West. A killer as cold and hard as the Wyoming winter. He wanders from town to town. Slaughters entire families along the way. With grotesque glee, he brands the letter Q in his victims' flesh. Joe Noose knows the killer's identity. He recognizes the killer's brand. He bears the same scar from his childhood--and he's determined to stop this madman once and for all. Two U.S. Marshals have agreed to help Joe. But they've never hunted a killer like this before. A sadist who kills for pleasure--and scars you for life... 


For me, this was the time I read this author and I enjoyed the book and the characters. Joe Noose knows the killer because he carries the brand “Q” from him from when he was a kid. Now along with two U.S. Marshals are tracking the killer down.
I Like the character Bess Sugarfoot, a Marshal, and daughter of a Marshal who was killed. You feel that there is something that could happen between her and Joe but Joe does not want to do anything about his feelings. The story moves along at a good pace and will keep you entertained all the way through. Good characters as well. I received this book from

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