Alondra Valley #2

Love Like No Other


She came to my small town to get married and to be closer to her idol—her fellow romance author, Meghan Hart.

But when Penny’s fiancĂ© left her at the altar, she needed an escape. One I was more than willing to provide.

It was supposed to be for one night, but it turned into something more.

The problem?

I’m Meghan Hart.

Now I have to decide whether to trust Penny with my secret or let her go for good.

                    CHAR'S REVEIW

Meghan Hart-for the past year Liam had taken on her persona full-time as his profession. You see no one, but, Tristan knows his identity, as a romance writer. That is because, Tristan’s wife, Tessa had been his beta reader. In lies the problem, she passed away out of the blue, devastating everyone beyond belief. Tessa was part of the core four, and not because she was married to, Tristan, nope. It's because back in the day she went on every adventure, with the boys. She was their ride-or-die girl.

That being said, Liam had to put out his next book, and his first book without, Tessa. Still dealing with her loss, leaving him grieving, and feeling vulnerable. Unfortunately, it showed in his writing. The readers were saying, his writing was lacking his spark, and the sex scenes were unoriginal. So, the volume doesn't matter, creativity does. Got it. He knew one book wouldn’t make or break his career. At least that’s what he keeps trying to tell himself anyway. He’s had twenty good books he has to be positive. He has nobody to talk to about his writing anymore, or kick hit but when he hits a slump.

He understands the air of mystery was part of the allure of his success and readers. However, he knows that’s not the reason he is still hiding his identity. The real reason is, that his grandfather the Mayor, and the man whom he had always looked up to, had told him that he was ashamed of him. That he wasn’t a real man because he, wrote p-rn for a living. Crushing Liam's heart but making him even more determined to succeed. At thirty-two he was feeling so alone. One friend passed, one friend grieving her madly, one married his sister, and the other is baking his heart out.

He and, Asher are going to have dinner in the bar at the winery where Asher, is working late. Everyone in town seems to be preparing, for the biggest wedding ever to happen in, Alondra Valley. No expenses were spared. What would you expect, from a billionaire and an author? That's right, one like him, a romance writer, Penelope Glass who is obsessed with him, Meghan Hart. As they're waiting for the check there is a flash of a woman in white with flowing material going past him.

Her scent of peppermint and eucalyptus hung in the air as her hair was bouncing and swaying. He was so mesmerized by her for a moment no one else existed. He can only say it was like the fire inside him that buns when he has a new idea for a book and he just has to sit and write down all the ideas that are bursting out. That is until the door to the kitchen, for staff hits him.

She asks him to hide her, and he does. They go into the tasting room and lock themselves in. They order food, drink wine, and as they say, wink, wink play piano. Both their lives actually begin when they, turn in their “E-ticket.” Before then they were looking at life through a peephole. Not as funny as book one, but still good.

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