Fireman's Forbidden Flame: An Enemies to Lovers, Brother's Best Friend Romance



  Forced to work with the hottest firefighter in town... Awesome right? Wrong! He's my brother's best friend and strictly off-limits! My hometown has been hit with a string of arson cases and my brother is the prime suspect. I’m back to report on the case and clear his name. But that means being forced to work alongside the last person I want to see …… Matt Reid! My brother's best friend and eternal jerk! But seeing him again. I had forgot how good he looks........ Forgotten how his t-shirt hugs his tattooed biceps...... Forgotten how he looks at me with hunger in those piercing blue eyes. Although I didn't want his help, I’m seeing a softer side of him I didn’t know he had, but Matt has a secret he’s been hiding. And he's not the only one! With the danger mounting, and the truth exposed, everything is going to be put to the test!

                             CHAR'S REVEIW

Kate received the worst call any family member ever wants to receive, that their loved one has been injured, especially when it takes hopping a plane to get to them. The worst part for sure getting the call from her brother’s best friend, Matt, the same one since grade school. When she arrives she is a little in awe at seeing him look more like a man, than an adult teen she left behind.

When she left she did hear from, Matt after one amazing college winter break. With her calls from her brother becoming fewer and fewer, she found it easier to slide right into her reporter's job and stay in New York. However, to hear Matt tell it, it was amazing. He never wanted her to leave. He gave her the final kiss but she left. Then she never responded to his text. So, now they are back together for the sack of Derek and who is behind the frame-up job.

Now, it will take all their attention to detail, and more to catch the people behind this horrible arson trail of blaze, the people are leaving. Meanwhile, someone made her brother the perfect scapegoat, when he was injured in the fire. Although she would like nothing more than to sit by Derek’s side until he wakes, the doctor says there is nothing that can be done at this time. His body needs to mend itself and meds take time to work.

Then, is when she knows what she has to do. After, getting all the information she can from, Matt she tells him the best thing she can do for her brother is her job. He can either work with her or he can stay out of her way. He knew every stubborn hair on her head but he made a promise to her brother by his bedside. He would keep her safe and find his attempted killers. Matt knows she is fantastic at her job, he has been an ongoing fan. He tells her he’s in and will share his files.

Such a good story with a sizzling atmosphere, for their second chance. This story grabs you at the beginning and holds you until past, The end.

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