Shout Outs: An Author's Place

Misled: Cover Reveal with Video

An Author Place Shout Out: Donna June Cooper Author of: MORE THAN MAGIC & MOSTLY MAGIC 6/29/14

The Secret Invasion God Chronicles

Tread Carefully on the Sea

The Hero of Blind Pig Island and Other Island Stories

Blood On the Water

Shout Out: Sara Schoen Books: Suicide Mission & Waking up Blank

Shout Out: Sharlene Almond: Initiated to Kill

Shout Out: Sharon Kleve: The Wedding Switch

Shout Out: Mia Hopkins: Deep Down

Shout Out: Toni J. Strawn: Momentary Lapse

Not for the Moment: Toni J. Strawn

Shout Out: Kim Hornsby: Girl of His Dream

Shout Out: Marc Zappulla: The Last Longshoreman

Shout Out: Dorothy M. Place: The Heart to Kill

Shout Out: Jaclyn Weist: Love In Return

Shout Out: Anna Lynn Miller: The Construct 11 Series #1

Shout Out: Parker S. Miller: Asher Black

Shout Out: Sharon Kleve: Kiss Me

Shout Out: Jen S. Durand

Shout Out: Ruth Kaufman

Shout Out: Jacie Floyd

Shout Out: Demi Damson

Shout Out: Mary Anne Edwards

Shout Out: Mia Silverton

Shout Out: Aviva Vaughn

Shout Out:  Jayne Denker

Shout Out: Leigh Lennon

Shout Out:  Kristin Vayden

Shout Out: Leight Lennon

Shout Out: Auden Dar Blitz

Shout Out: Mia Mae Lynne

Shout Out: Tracie Banister

Shout Out: Amber Daulton

Shout Out: Submission Strategies

Shout Out: Tracie Banister

Shout Out: Kristy Nicolle

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