Posted: Oct. 14, 2013

Hard Rocked by Clara Bayard Getting a job with a famous rock band on their first European tour sounds like a dream come true. And for Becca Hall it is - at first. Using her smarts, organization skills and unflappable nature, the plus-size beauty makes herself indispensable quickly.

It's everything she wanted. A way to see more of the world, get a foothold back into the business she grew up around, and a chance to get away from things both dreary and painful back at home.But when a playful flirtation with the band's bass player, Dex, turns into something more, everything is at risk. Her job, her carefully guarded secret, and her heart.

Note: Hard Rocked is the fourth story in the Rocked series, but it is not necessary to read the other parts first. But you still should. They're fun.


Hard Rocked (BBW  Rock Star Romance)This was a really good read. I liked it a lot. Strong storyline with emotions that deal with childhood issues, currents band personalities and individual insecurities. Not to mention these new and exciting emotions that they can't seem to understand for them most unlikely mate on the face of the earth if you were to ask someone outside the group or even the group. This budding romance against all odds and all their own attempts to fight it becomes a reality but not without some harsh problems. The only thing that bothered me was the ending. It just seemed to fall off, but then I see it is a series and then it made sense. I got this in a box set being offered on netgalley.com. Otherwise I really think you will enjoy it and it can stand alone.

Rock Star box set Netgalley.com.


Posted: Oct. 14, 2013

Hard Rock Arrangement by Ava Lore Chronic loser Rebecca Alton is penniless, homeless, and sleeping on her sister’s couch. She needs a job, fast, but in this economy finding one is easier said than done. When she accidentally walks into the wrong office and finds herself auditioning for the role of fake girlfriend and very real babysitter to Carter Hudson, the out-of-control lead guitarist of an up and coming rock band, can she pull it off? And considering who her boss would be, Carter's brother and the band’s bassist, manager, and undisputed king of bad attitudes Kent Hudson, would she even want the job?

Rebecca isn’t sure. In fact, she’s not sure of much in her life, except three things: Kent wants her, she wants him back, and the underlying animal attraction between them may be too white-hot to keep under wraps.


Hard Rock Arrangement (The Lonely Kings) Can a brother whose love knows no boundaries save his younger destructive brother? Especially, when he is the lead singer, song writer, and sexy idol of their band, The Lonely Kings.
Kent is looking for a babysitter, Rebecca is looking for a job. On the day of job hunting a simple mistake of transposing numbers lands her on the wrong floor, in the wrong office for an interview. When Kent and Rebecca’s eyes meet you could singe yourself on the sexual tension from across the room. Not dressed for the part by looking at those in the waiting room around her, makes her stand out. Since she is a bartender by trade and thought she was there for a housekeeping job she was seemingly dressed correctly they were overdressed.
From here the comedy of errors starts. Moving in so many of the typical rocker style ways that you could think of and so many more. The miscommunication leads to a lot of laughter, sadness, pain, sex, groupies, and friendships. I truly enjoyed this book. I felt the characters had dimensions and Kent was a good Alpha male character to Carters gentle yet childish sexy boyish/man. I would give it a 5 star. Was part of a box set Rock Star Romance from (provided Netgalley.com.)  AS OF TODAY 10/14/13 IT IS ON SALE ON AMAZON FOR 99 CENTS NOT SURE WHEN IT ENDS SO HURRY 


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