Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for this story come from?

Jenn:  I was doing housework when the idea popped into my head about a girl running down a 

Wyoming highway. The story grew from there.

Rad-Reader:  What gave you the idea to turn this into a series?

Jenn:  I love writing series, and I thought it would be fun to have a hero with four brothers!

Rad-Reader:  Why exactly did Maddie runaway from her wedding?

Jenn:  Maddie realized she wasn't happy with Howard, and pleasing her parents by marrying Howard wouldn't automatically make her marriage a happy one.

Rad-Reader:  Do her parent’s, not think she’s attractive enough that they have to set her up?

Jenn:  LOL! Deep down, her parents wanted her to be happy but they thought their way of ensuring her happiness would work - by encouraging her to marry Howard - when in reality Maddie needed to forge her own path, and find love with someone who valued her for herself.

Rad-Reader:  There was something in her that made her say yes to her ex about the wedding.  Do you think she was feeling she was running out of options too? 

Jenn:  Yes. Since she hadn't had any luck attracting a mate, she thought maybe her parents were right about Howard being the right guy for her. Then she realized just in time that he was wrong for her.

Rad-Reader:  Do you think it even bothered her ex-Howard, that she didn’t show for the wedding?  Other than work?

Jenn:  Yes, Howard did have feelings for her, even if they were overshadowed by his ambition to become a partner in her father's firm.

Rad-Reader:  Garrett really seems worried when Howard shows up to talk with Maddie about coming home and still marrying him.  Why did it take him coming to finally make a move on Maddie?

Jenn:  Garrett didn't want to make a move on Maddie until he thought she was ready, but Howard asking Maddie to come back to him gave Garrett a jolt, and he knew he couldn't contain his feelings for her any longer.

Rad-Reader:  Why did it take so long for Maddie to call her mom and tell her what she was doing and what she wanted for her own life?

Jenn:  Maddie was worried her mother would try to persuade her to stick to the plan and marry Howard. It was a relief to her when her mom was understanding about the whole situation. 

Rad-Reader:  Her mom seemed to take it well enough that she just up and left.  And that she is now with a perfect stranger.  Is that because Howard had been to see her already?

Jenn:  Her mom just wanted Maddie to be happy. She thought Maddie was happy with Howard until she ran away, so she didn't want to push her daughter into something that wasn't making her happy.

Rad-Reader:  With four brothers why didn’t he talk about them or did they come by?  Is he close with his parents he never mentioned them until the end.  Why?

Jenn:  Garrett didn't want Maddie to know he was rich until he knew she had feelings for him, not his money. Since Maddie had just escaped the same kind of situation with Howard, she totally understood why he hadn't mentioned his parents and his grandfather earlier.

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…?

Maddie:  Jennie Runk

Garrett:  Nate Bateman

Howard:  Ian Harding

Carol:  Charlize Theron

Jenn: Are the Pinterest links and Youtube links the ones you like? Because I'm happy with them.

Rad-Reader:  What song or songs best describes your couple or your book as a whole?

“Good Bye Summer – Danielle Bradbery & Thomas Rhett
When Maddie bailed on her wedding to Howard she only left carrying a tiny purse.  Holding a lipstick & $20 bill for emergencies when Garrett picks her up in more ways than one.  Garrett hires her for three weeks. Three weeks was going to be too short.

“Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainer ft. John Legend
Maddie has never met a man like Garrett before.  His passion shows in his eyes alone.  He shows it in his actions what he feels for you yet not in a sexual way but in a loving way.  Three weeks, yeah way too short.

“Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur”
Garrett knew what he wanted but didn’t want to spook her.  She had just run-off.  But she is beautiful, sexy, kind, and funny.  All the things he’s looking for in a woman.

“With You – Tyler Shaw”
After Howard shows up Garrett declares himself.  But when things change he knew he would do anything to get her back in his life.  Anything.

Jenn:  Are the Pinterest links and youtube links the ones you like? Because I'm happy with them.

Rad-Reader:  What part of the country do you live and are cowboys a part of your life that you know about horses?

Jenn:  I lived in Wyoming for three months, near Jackson Hole, and absolutely loved it! I took horse-riding lessons for many years which included barrel racing, bending, show jumping, dressage, and endurance. I competed in a couple of gymkhanas and won ribbons!

Rad-Reader:  Do you enjoy writing about plus size women who know what they want? Is this your genre plus size?

Jenn:  Yes, I love writing about plus size women (BBWs) as I'm one myself.

Rad-Reader:  When did you start writing for a living?

Jenn:  I started writing a long time ago, but gave up when my romance novel was rejected by publishers. Then when the Kindle was invented, I bought one in 2012 and read a lot of free romances on it, and my desire to write romance was reborn. I started writing in 2012 but only started making a full-time living in 2014.

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?

Jenn:  I'm thinking of adding a new book to one of my series, and I'm at the very early planning stage.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books? Links

Rad-Reader:  Where can our reader find you on the Web?  Links



We would like to thank you for being with us and for the fun I had reading your book.  Not too often I get to read a good BBW that has a really fun story with it that is not just all BDSM or what all else there might be on the plate that day.  Not saying that doesn't have a shelf life for sure but a story for the BBW crowd that has a place it's headed.  Yes, it may seem like a fantasy but hello fiction.  Be sure to come back and let us know when your next book comes out and use our Shout Out: An Author Place page.  

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