The Cowboy’s Rodeo Rival (Grant Brothers #3)


Nate Grant knows that his eldest brother has the respect, his middle brother has the smarts, and he was left to fight for his own piece of the spotlight. Thus, began his daring, dangerous, and often a little bit crazy foray into the world of rodeo. Now, with his career on the rise, Nate is back in town to do a promotional show at the local Strawberry Festival to land himself a major sponsor. But when he arrives expecting to be welcomed as the hometown hero, he instead finds himself challenged by the only person who could ever make him shake in his boots: Athena Moore. 

Athena grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Limited money for rodeo lessons or competitions meant that while she could best the boys, she couldn’t follow them to the big leagues. Watching Nate excel really lit a fire in her britches and after school she began training and teaching young girls rodeo skills. Winning against Nate at the upcoming Strawberry Festival will show the girls (and Athena) that they could do anything boys could—and do it better to boot. 

But promoting the event means Nate and Athena are forced to spend time together. Too much time to keep their tumultuous feelings under wraps. Now, there’s a grudging respect to their relationship and a heavy dose of passion too. But as Nate and Athena get closer, their competition becomes public via a reality show. When the lines between promotion and passion are crossed, they’ll be forced to ask themselves what it is they’re fighting for...and what they’ll lose if they win


The third book in this series has Nate the younger brother coming home from the rodeo circuit for the big festival in town. His name should draw in a lot of people for the rodeo and other business. The one person who is really not that happy to see him is Athena Moore, they grew up together and she has not been able to leave town because of her mother and she feels and knows she is as good as or better than Nate at the rodeo. They square off which is good for publicity and Nate helps at her camp for girls. The problem becomes more of an issue when they begin to have feelings for one another and then he finds out that he will be competing against her in the rodeo. They do get into many arguments and both of them have issues, but will they be able to get past all of those for the sake of love? Read this wonderful story to find out. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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