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Guess Who Will Be Here Friday? Roxy!!!

Guess Who WillBe HereFriday
Nov. 1, 2013?Roxy Boroughs

Excerpt from

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS                                              By: Roxy Boroughs:

James nosed his car into the long driveway and parked. As he walked down the cracked sidewalk, movement caught his eye. Close to the house, on the other side of the peeling picket fence, April’s snowsuit-clad son was busy with his toys—a toboggan, a pintsized snow shovel, a green bucket and a plastic Superman chair. The boy seemed like an average kid, until James took a second look. Marcus wasn’t actually ‘playing’ with his toys. He was lining them up. Meticulously.
“Hi, Marcus.”
The child didn’t acknowledge him, just went right on placing his things in a row, howling in aggravation each time the shovel he’d stuck in the snow fell over.
“Jimmy...if you’re planning to play outside with us, you’re gonna need a hat.”
He’d been so intrigued with Marcus, he hadn’t noticed April’s approach. “Considering the time of year, maybe I should get one like …