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Talkin' Sports With Pat Today @ 7:30 to 8 ish pm PST

Talkin' Sports
With Pat
1.)  I saw an article in the NY Times about remembering the “Black Fives” of Pro Basketball.  Amateur & Professional Basketball teams that played in New York City & around the country, from 1904 to 1950.

What is interesting is that this history of basketball had been forgotten until someone looking for family on came across a family tree with the name Claude Johnson.  Johnson was a former corporate executive and historian.  He found the great granddaughter married J. Hoffman Woods who promoted and managed a team in Brooklyn.

These teams Coexisted with the Harlem Globetrotters and the teams stop when the N.B.A. was integrated in 1950.  Unlike baseball where the black teams still played even after integration and people know, Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby not to many know, Earl Lloyd, Nat Clifton, Chuck Cooper, & Hank Dezonie.
If I visit/lived in New York I would go to see this exhibit.

2.)  In college ball:  There was already two favorites …