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Talkin’ Sports
With Pat

     So here we are at the last football game of the season, and people are making a big deal over the air pressure in the footballs, another a player talks to the media or not even though some of the questions are really immature. If the players don’t show up they are fined so really it is just a waste of time, but I am sure people must be watching, right? Now you have the owner of the Patriots wanting an apology if this investigation finds out that they did nothing wrong. First, the air pressure just magically disappeared out of the footballs, right? Just like they the Patriots fumble the football less than teams that play in a dome, they play outdoors in the rain and snow, freezing weather, and this stat is since Bill Belichick, has been the head coach of the Patriots. Does it prove anything no, just something to think about. Everything else about this week of football let us not forget that the year started with a child abuse case that was more than just span…