Talkin’ Sports

With Pat

Duke won their fifth National Championship Monday night in a hard fought game against Wisconsin who had upset Kentucky. I thought both teams played good and the Duke guards especially just was too much for Wisconsin. They could never stop either one of them from driving to the basket and with their passing they were open for three pointers and making them. Wisconsin’s problem was not the ref’s like the coach was mentioning. It was really lack of ball movement, and from the beginning #24 for Wisconsin would not pass the ball. He did end up with 4 asst. and 10 points but to me it looked like quit a few times down the court he would just pull up and shoot miss and the ball was going the other way. When the big guys for Duke got into foul trouble I thought that would be when Wisconsin would make changes to their game to take advantage but that was not the case. So Duke is the Champion. I am glad baseball season started.   

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