Talkin’ Sports

With Pat

Sorry I missed the last couple of weeks but life sometimes takes over. Anyway, what a past few weeks. Having a horse win the Triple Crown, and then the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup. Those were good games against the Lighting, and winning the Cup there in Chicago for the first time since 1938, all of their other cup wins came on the road, so that was a big deal as well. Then you have the Warriors beating the Cavs for the NBA title. Really though they had no one else on that Cavs team to help LeBron, and when he went out for whatever the reason the team they put on the floor didn’t even look like a NBA team. Not that I am taking anything away from the Warriors, they won and played good the whole year. I was glad to see them win and I can still remember the team with Rick Berry, winning the championship in the 70’s, so it was good for them and for the NBA. 

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