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Welcome our guest:LAUREN LAYNE


Rad-Reader:  Where did you find the idea for this storyline?  I know it’s a series this just happens to be the one I happened to read.
Lauren:It came about in kind of a funny way. I originally wrote ISN'T SHE LOVELY as a standalone book, and I decided to do a college-spin on the classic Pygmalion tale (the basis for My Fair Lady, Pretty Woman, She’s All That, etc). When my publisher asked for more New Adults from me, I immediately knew that I wanted to write about some of the secondary characters from Isn’t She Lovely, and decided it would be fun to continue with the “new spin on a classic story” idea. I based BROKEN (book 2) on Beauty & the Beast, and CRUSHED (book 3) is very deliberately a modern version of The Ugly Duckling. Mind you, the interpretation is quite loose though. I didn’t want my darling Chloe to be a downtrodden victim, so I made her quite feisty and confident.
Rad-Reader:  Which by the way I loved about her character.  Fo…