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Friday Aug. 14th. Written Interview 7pm PST With Mia Hopkins Author of: Cowboy Valentine

Friday Aug. 14th.Written Interview7pm PSTMia Hopkins
Author of:Has a new book coming out:

Sex, drugs, and spicy tuna rolls?
Resilient and disciplined, tsunami survivor Eve Ono moves to California from Japan looking for work as a sushi chef. When she’s suddenly fired from her restaurant job, desperation drives her to find work on a fishing boat despite her fears of the ocean.
Free-spirited and roguish, Sam Lamont is a commercial fisherman and the captain of his own dive boat, the Bravado. When he makes a bad business deal with a deadly loan shark who threatens to take his boat, Sam is in danger of losing both his business and his way of life.
A female sushi chef with mad knife skills.
A deep sea diver who's pissed off a Mexican drug cartel.
Together, they're in trouble, and the only way out is down.

Mia Hopkins writes lush romances starring fun, sexy characters who love to get down and dirty. She’s a sucker for working class heroes, brainy heroines and wisecracking best friends.